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#21: Post by PaulTheRoaster »

I concur that disassembly is not difficult. There is a needle-roller bearing and two washers. The anti-popcorn/anti-toddler piece gets in the way if you try to remove and reinstall the funnel instead of taking the top plate off. I could imagine someone careless forcing things.

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I tore down my MC4 to clean and add a collar for the Shurikone burr upgrade. I can see how someone not being studious could cross thread the adjustment chute, the threads are very fine. After taking it apart once, I'd remove the entire top by unscrewing the two bolts on the top plate. Then the adjustment chute wouldn't need to be moved and it gives wide access for cleaning. It goes back together very easily.

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Ignoring many of the above posts that aren't constructive for OP, I wanted to post a picture that I just posted in another thread. It's likely that you just need to grind finer. As the burrs settle/wear in, your setting will drift. Unless you are using super oily beans or excessive RDT, the likelihood of grinds caked inside is minimal. Unless you took apart your grinder and reassembled improperly, it's unlikely anything is out of alignment. If you look below, the blue painters tape was after about a year of use.

Kafatek has a very helpful forum of experienced users if you need further troubleshooting.

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I think we all agree that the first thing the OP should do is try grinding finer (which was suggested by the 4th post in this thread). I imagine the OP would have tried that by now but he hasn't yet mentioned having done so. He merely said he ground a bit past zero without reaching burr contact, which of course implies he could grind finer. Hopefully he will provide us some follow up soon.

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5+ years of use at 6 shots a day does not sound like a seasoning issue unless maybe they were TiN coated burrs but even then that seems unlikely no?

PS. I do agree that they should be made for easy disassembly, and unless you have a MAX 2, they are easy to disassembly and reassemble as long as you read the manual, keep everything clean and pay attention to detail. IMHO, the people that talk of the arrogance or whatever haven't spent a lot of time on the Kafatek forum. There are numerous threads of people 1) not following the manual, 2) not searching the forum already for their answer and 3) people opening up the grinder immediately for whatever reason and then asking for help etc. People strip threads, Don't know what a torque driver is, let their kids stick lego in them, or use 5 or 6 sprays of RDT "because of their climate". I mean these are threads just off the top of my head I remember seeing the past year or so. Yes accidents happen sure and Denis may be more...gruff in tone, but honestly based on what I've seen there since 2021 I don't blame him for saying "please don't open it".

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Nearly every grinder will shift towards the finer end when burrs are broken in. So what was 0 when the grinder was new could well be -0.5 when being used for a couple of years. As long as you don't hear the burrs touch (chirping sound) when grinding you're fine. Just adjust it to -0.2 and you're probably good to go as with most endgame grinders steps are 10 microns and that'll so the trick.

Just keep in mind that conical burrs don't like touching and are damaged much sooner then flat burrs so try this first with the lowest possible RPM and your finger on the on/off switch. You do not need to go to the point where the burrs touch but you can just adjust finer and hear if they're touching.

So just grinding finer will for 99% certain be the solution as numbers on a grinder tell you something but not much. If you grind finer and burrs are touching before you can choke your machine then you need to contact Denis. But after 15 years of experience and helping a lot of people with their problems with grinders I can assure you that probably nothing is wrong except focusing too much on the zero point.