Momentem: First Dual Burr Two Phase Manual Grinder

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Not available yet, but pretty cool looking with two burr sets, adjustment rings, and grind sieves built in: ... e-grinder/



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Not first.


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Wow, the momentum basically looks like a near exact copy with the shape, sieve, etc. (though i guess all manual grinders kind of look the same. but still, these look even more similar than others.)

LewBK (original poster)

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I'm Not a Barista, which will make the Momentem, was founded by Micky Wang in Hong Kong, so in some respects this doesn't surprise me. The video may be of what the current prototype looks like or looked like a few months ago. If so, it is definitely an interesting project in my view.


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The smallest sieve is 400 microns. Isn't that way too large to capture fines?


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Yes it's too large but to fine meshed for this to actually work.

I sieved allot and I just don't see this work, sieving anything below 400um is a massive annoyance and take considerable time to be repeatable, I just don't see how it would work and be effective at it. Below 400um don't just dislodge itself it needs force to do so by vigorous shaking often for minutes. There isn't enough shaking action in a grinder for that to happen, it would need a stirring mechanism implemented, also I personally don't like the outcome of removing these. It would be better to remove the boulders, that is also far easier done.

LewBK (original poster)

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It seems in the video the reviewer used this for pourover. I wonder if the sieve would work well for that. It might be worth contacting the company to let them know you think the sieve won't work as it's currently designed since they are still in development and working out the kinks from what I've read. I personally find the twin dual phase burr set far more interesting than the sieve, and wouldn't mind if they left the sieve out. Done right, couldn't this be like a manual Kafatek MC4 which also has two conical burrs?

Team HB

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As far as I now, the Monolith uses a pre-breaker and a burr, not 2 burrs. Much like a Versalab but with a conical burr.


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If you watch the video around minute 3, the first upper burr is like a pre-breaker as far as I can tell while the second lower burr is more refined.

Team HB

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But it's a burr, and it's adjustable. So while technically it's being used as a pre-breaker, it's not really designed for that purpose.

I'm not saying that's good or bad, just pointing something out.