Mods for Fellow Ode to grind finer?

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#1: Post by chirospresso »

Hello. Anyone know of any mods for the Ode to get a bit finer grinds? Im not looking for espresso fine, just a bit finer than it produces...

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#2: Post by Jeff »

See Fellow Ode brew grinder review for ongoing discussion of what seems to be a wide variation in experience with the Ode, both out of the box, and with mods.

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#3: Post by MikFlores300 »

I've heard one story of sanding down the outer locking burr a bit to allow a finer grind. The person said it did really well. You'll probably need access to a very level belt sander.


#4: Post by Tj. »

Mazzer burrs would certainly be easy and affordable. SSP for a little more money.