Modifying KitchenAid Proline to hold Mazzer Mini burrs

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#1: Post by RegulatorJohnson »

KAProline burrs and mazzer burrs are exactly the same. well not exactly. but the dimensions are the same. but one is 2-hole and the other is 3-hole pattern.

KA top mazzer bottom. noticed smaller size of the side holes on the mazzer.

top view. KA burr... dont cut yourself.

side by side.

now that the KA is collecting dust, i have the notion to get some mazzer burrs and put them in the KAProline. it looks like the hole in the burrs in the same distance from the center. i could have lined it up for the pic but i was lazy. i noticed it after i took the pics. all i need to do is drill 2 holes in the burr carrier and two holes in the body of the KA. it seems like it would be fine. now i just need to get some mazzer burrs. i promise to not use the ones from the mini.


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#2: Post by RAS »

Geez, I couldn't believe someone would actually put the KA burrs in a Mazzer! But the opposite sure is intriguing. My only concern is the alignment of the KA burr assembly - does it justify such an upgrade. And, because of the burr-assembly, and it's apparent lack of alignment between the fixed and rotating burrs, would better burrs make a difference? Heck, it would be great if my concerns were unjustified, and this mod could make a decent grinder great.

Please keep us posted.

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RegulatorJohnson (original poster)

#3: Post by RegulatorJohnson (original poster) » replying to RAS »

well i have seen it discussed that the KA needs better burrs. i agree.

i had great success with espresso using my KA and stock burrs.

i was on ebay and found this: LA MINERVA adjustable retail COFFEE GRINDER commercial (looks extremely similar in design to the KA, no?) ... &rd=1&rd=1

in one of the pics i saw some mazzer burrs.

this grinder looks a lot like the KA, with mazzer burrs? hrmmmm....then i researched the burr sizes and found that mini burrs match the KA proline burrs.

i think it could be worth it to have the fun to see what happens.

i think alignment should be easy because i can use one of the existing holes from the 2hole pattern to help align the other holes.

so this will leave me with a nice burr set and a grinder design with a straight path into the PF.

i dont think adding mazzer burrs will make it grind any worse than it does now.

plus its a fun project. :D wish i had more tools or a drill press.

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#4: Post by RAS »

Sounds like a great project. One I may take on based on your results :lol:

Actually, I've been using a KA Proline for drip and vac-pot, and was really surprised at all the fines in the final cup of vac-pot coffee yesterday. I also noticed a few "boulders" in the spent grounds in the upper globe. Out of curiousity, I displantled the burr assembly, and was shocked at all the coffee captive in and around the burrs. My guess would be about five grams. Yummy! I really wish the gap around the burrs were smaller.

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#5: Post by jesawdy »

RegulatorJohnson wrote:wish i had more tools or a drill press.

Is the KA burr carrier aluminum or what? If you can drill a straight hole, tapping shouldn't be a big deal. Are you enlisting any help in the drilling and tapping?
Jeff Sawdy

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RegulatorJohnson (original poster)

#6: Post by RegulatorJohnson (original poster) » replying to jesawdy »

i can probably drill it fairly straight. i dont have a tap to tap the threads.

the burr carrier appears to be aluminum. probably easy to drill.

from coffeed

the stationary burr is on the body of the mchine itself. it looks like it will need to be fully taken apart to get at this area.

from coffeed also.

i need to enlist some help but im in utah not many around.

anyone coming out to SLC for some snow this season??

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#7: Post by Skippy »

How did this work out?, did you give it a go?

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RegulatorJohnson (original poster)

#8: Post by RegulatorJohnson (original poster) »

i kind of lost the motivation.

i felt like i could ruin some perfectly good burrs working it out. i never ran across any used mazzer mini burrs. if those work, then i feel like investing in a new set would be worth it.

i didn't ever have access to proper tools. until recently when i got a new client that owns a machine shop.

i had a couple of people email me about it directly. but i haven't heard anything back.

looks like the store i bought it from changed the return policy so i may just hack this thing after all.

anyone have any spare mazzer mini burrs to donate to "science"? :D :D

if you do this please let me know how it works out.
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#9: Post by Skippy »

I'm very tempted, rather someone else did it first tho lol.


#10: Post by Spresso_Bean »

Maybe someone either has or will shortly be changing their Mini burrs and could donate them instead of tossing them. Could you use some sort of epoxy (welds?) or other potentially reversible method of mounting the Mini burrs? Just a thought, but drilling and tapping is fairly easy with the right tools. Cool idea to use the Mini burrs if it works well.