Modding the Mazzer 2

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#1: Post by craigcharity »

Hi guys, this has taken me a really long time but thanks to a good friend(Billy Howard-a geek of a different nature, he modify RC Cars) who has a machine shop I was able to make this mod.

As everyone knows Mazzers have quite a poor sweeping action due to the doser vanes being quite high from the base of the dosing chamber.

I knocked the bottom of the dosing chamber out, quite a mission as it is so tight. Billy machined the sides parallel and helped me design a new doser vane. The idea was to make something that would not allow coffee to sit on top of it, It didnt have to be quite as high because It is better to get a lot of small bunches of coffee in the portafilter than huge amount in one go( to help distribution and clumping), so we came up with this weapon-like thing:)

So.. the mods done so far:
1: Sprayed the grinder the same color as my new Artazza cups,

2: Cut the windows out of the doser chamber to give a better view of things.

3: Get the new doser vane made and machine the sides and bottom of the doser so they are parallel and the floor is perfectly flat.

Plastic mold the exit hole of the doser and fit the mod I designed in the thread 'Modding the Mazzer'

Things still to do:
Hook up my Delta timer to it,
Rubber coat the portafilter fork,
hmmmm... think thats it.

Here is a pic of the doser floor after I dosed for a shot, squeaky clean:)


#2: Post by aindfan »

So how do I order one of those replacement vanes? :D

Amazing work!
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#3: Post by Euology101 »

Any chance we can see a video of this mod in action? I'm curious to see how well it works.

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#4: Post by doubleOsoul »

You did one hell of a job on that mod. The color is stunning and a real good match to the Terra Keramik cup (which I ritualistically drool over). Well done.


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#5: Post by craigcharity »

Hi all, I will get my wife to hold the camera tonight so I can shoot a video for you.

Chat later

I flipping love the speed of these Majors:)

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#6: Post by bowie »

I'm amazed you're grinding shots right at the pre-set factory sticker!
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#7: Post by craigcharity »

Hey guys here is the video
The shot was terrible tho, it was a mixture of whatever I had lying around:) but you should get the gist of how it works.


#8: Post by mitch236 »

Please let me know if you plan on offering to make this mod available to the public. It looks awesome!

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#9: Post by Compass Coffee » replying to mitch236 »

Indeed! I'll take twelve.
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#10: Post by Euology101 »

I was just looking back at your original post and you said you had to mill the bottom and sides of the doser chamber, was that absolutely necessary? Did you try your custom vanes without milling it, or just did it for good measures?

The video was great, the custom sweep the unit very clean. Great modification, would be nice to make a production run, though I think everyone would need to get their doser milled down to a true flat.

Congrats. Beautiful mod.