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#81: Post by Bluecold »

If you sweep out the throat you also push grounds back in the burr chamber.
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#82: Post by JohnB. » replying to Bluecold »

Depends how you do it & your particular grinder. If the chute entrance isn't blocked by the sweeper I also pull the grounds out of that sweeper segment of the burr chamber. If it is blocked nothing is going back into the burr chamber. I use a modified acid brush that works more like a small hoe then a brush.


#83: Post by Dodger1 »

Like John I also use a small acid brush, that I slightly bent, so it acts more like a small hoe then a brush. However, I only put enough beans in my hopper that I know I'll use within an about a two hour timeframe.

In my particular case, I know that every morning I'll brew 6 doubles, 4 for myself and 2 for my wife. Each double has a 16g dose, so I'll weigh out 96g of beans and put them into my empty hopper. When I get down to my last double, I'll use that brush to remove most of the residual grinds in the throat and then I'll pulse the grinder for a second, repeat using the brush, pulse one last time and repeat using the brush.
My last dose will usually be within .4g of 16g, which isn't all that bad, eh?

The only caveat to this procedure is in knowing just how many grams you'll be using within, say a two hour timeframe. However, even with a bunch of friends over I know when their about done and simply push the bean stopper in. So far that procedures worked pretty well and has saved me a fair amount of money on trashcan grinds.


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#84: Post by michaelbenis (original poster) »

Interesting figures John - and they mean the K10 compares favourably with the Nino on that score (which is not of course to exclude others). If left for a while I purge a single on mine to get a good shot.


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#85: Post by another_jim »

shadowfax wrote: I haven't seen anyone do the tests we did with the Robur & Nino for the K10, and I'm unclear how you got your "good sized single" (I assume you mean 9-10 grams?)
Not the test you did, but I get 4 to 5 grams with a method which seems virtually identical to John's

Single dose grind. Grind once, and clean out the chute. This simulates operation with a filled hopper.

Now grind again, with no added beans, and clean the chute. Repeat until there is no more coffee coming out -- about 4 to 6 times. This additional coffee represents the broken beans in the burr, the loose coffee in the grind chamber, and anything else that can be coaxed out without adding more beans.

As I say, it is around 4 to 5 grams on the K10. My impression during the TGP was that it was about the same for the Macaps and the Kony, a bit more for the Fiorenzato, a good deal more for the Robur, and about half for the Jolly and the Max.

I do not know if this is equivalent to the weight of unused ground coffee in the "pipe-line" when using a hopper, but I don't see why it should be different.
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#86: Post by jammin »

John and Keith,

Thanks for sharing your experiences with the k10. Mine showed up today and I did the prescribed mods and used the modified acid brush. I am already getting out what I put in +/- .2 grams. Your described mods are easy to do and extremely effective.



#87: Post by Theodore »

Dodger1 wrote:Like John I also use a small acid brush,

You say "a small acid brush".
Can you please explain,what do you mean by this?
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#88: Post by jammin »


Check out this thread for some pics and discussion on your question:

A conical of my own: Compak K10 vs. Cimbali Max Hybrid

The cool thing about the acid brush is, you can buy them at your local hardware store for ~ 35 cents.