Miicoffee DF64v or Turin DF64v

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#1: Post by ash4889 »

I wanted to know are these two manufacturers the same thing, they say they are I just want to be sure?


#2: Post by washed »

They are the same grinder from the same manufacturer. Just different resellers.

I would get it from Espresso Outlet over MiiCoffee though. I know Mii started making them available on Amazon, but Joe @ Espresso Outlet will give you better support through the warranty period if it ever needs it.
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ash4889 (original poster)

#3: Post by ash4889 (original poster) »

Thanks for the information James, I was just getting impatient waiting to get my new grinder but I'll just wait a little longer.


#4: Post by ricky64 »

I bought my DF83 from Miicoffee. Had a good telephone conversation and immediate shipping, whereas I would have had to wait a month or two to get it from Espresso Outlet. I would agree that Espresso Outlet seems to get high marks here relating to service and communications, so I want to acknowledge this.


#5: Post by Kran »

Got my DF64v from Miicoffee. I got one of the original ones with the stall issues. Sent them an email asking if they could provide one of the new boards. They didn't have any in stock but got some from their supplier and sent me one for free.

i purchased direct from their site.

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ash4889 (original poster)

#6: Post by ash4889 (original poster) »

I went ahead and ordered from Miicoffee I paid $50 more for express shipping I got it in 48 hours, it was just annoying to continue to wait and not get it from the other guys for over a month.