MC3 without pre-breakers - upgrade to Shurikone?

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Wondering how it will impact taste without pre-breakers like MC4 and later.
Mazzer now is giving a very rich chocolate flavor which is amazing for darker roast, but not for light roast naturals.

Would appreciae any thoughts if tried Shurikone without pre-breakers. Thanks a lot!


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Your question has caught me. I am however not understanding you. Please break it down. I have a Mazzerr Super Jolly burr based grinder and wish to understand the gist of your question.


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I'd suggest posting this on the Kafatek forum. Probalby have users who have done this on a MC3.


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I upgraded my MC3 to Shurikones and then upgraded again to a MC4.
But I don't use light roasts. So, I'm unable to answer that part of your question.

I did find improvement going to the Shurikones and again going to a MC4.

If I were in your situation, rather than purchase the Shurikones, I think I'd get in line for the latest version of the MC.

coolguy121 (original poster)

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This is very helpful, appreciate sharing your experience!