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Bellows seem to work better for sure than just trying to use the blower. Using both works best.

I need to use the Giottos blower or a brush at the end, prior to using the bellows because the 3 mounting screws for the upper burr carrier, a flat surface when viewed from the top, seem to love to retain coffee.

After the blower, then bellows the top is clear, the next area of accumulation is the discharge chute and the spout.

Discharge chute gets usually cleaned by the bellows, but the spout gets blasted by super fines it seems. That requires tapping or taking off and then brushing it into whatever your dose goes into.

I might try to put in the mazzer anti static/clumping screen and see if that does anything.

I fully agree that the workflow is cumbersome, however, for me, it hasn't been a giant pain. I usually make 1 drink in the morning and one in the afternooon/ evening. If I were making multiple drinks, I'd probably give up.

Mazzers range of adjustment also works really well for me to go to Filter and back, unlike my E37K for example.