Mazzer Super Jolly Propeller

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#1: Post by mckolit »

So after making a 10 single dosed drinks in a row, I was getting to thinking about ways to help with the grounds getting stuck in the chute of the super jolly. I have a belows on it right now. But what if I can use something else? I've read of fans being used. But just another thing to plug in and remove and move around and all that faff. So what about a propeller of some kind? Like this? But less crude?

The bottom bit will have to be concave in the next iteration. It's pretty tight quarters in the SJ's grinding chamber. Probably more props too. Much thinner than the picture.

I'll need to get the print tight enough to grip the bolt head so it doesn't fly off when I grind. It can double as a anti popcorn thing too.

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#2: Post by StoicDude »

To blow air through the chute?

I like the thought, but I'd thunk it would be a bit more complicated than just printing it and putting it on.

Why not try to cant the grinder in order to let the grounds fall?

Maybe polish the chute more, together with the canting?

I think the bellows and the rocket blower usually work well, but making 10 drinks in a row like that certainly can get annoying for work flow.

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mckolit (original poster)

#3: Post by mckolit (original poster) replying to StoicDude »

It's canted already, but only about 30° if that. I think I've seen them canted even more.
I'll look into polishing the chute.
It will be complicated, but something fun to work through.
I'm planning on extending the collar a little more to have the prop more in the style of an edf rc jet. Will see.

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mckolit (original poster)

#4: Post by mckolit (original poster) »

Second version. Just going to see if it fits. Using a super fast low quality print for testing.

If it fits, then this will be the prop design. Going to print them separately to minimize the need for supports.

I checked beforehand and if looking from the top, the burrs spin clockwise. So in theory it should blow air down. :D

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mckolit (original poster)

#5: Post by mckolit (original poster) »

Got the bottom part to fit.

After I took the pic, I was removing the part and the top part that goes around the bolt snapped off. I'll just make that part of the propeller.

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mckolit (original poster)

#6: Post by mckolit (original poster) »

It fits! But way too short. As it sits the main stem doesn't even reach the bolt head.

I have to make it taller and either make it removeable or put more space between the blades. Can't get beans in there easily.


#7: Post by Marcelnl »

It's the lower burr carrier that IMO 'pushes' out the grinds. If anything you may want to tinker with adding something there (provided there is room.
I can imagine that everything you put in between or over the burr set may affect the grind in some way. That little gizmo going over the center bolt probably is fine, it'll lower retention a bit, most retention is below the lower burr IME.
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mckolit (original poster)

#8: Post by mckolit (original poster) replying to Marcelnl »

Maybe I'll look at something for the lower burr carrier in the future. Will see if this experiment works first.

So I decided to make it removeable, but didn't want to have to take it off the bolt. So I made a bottom portion to fit over the bolt head that the propeller part will screw into. Reverse thread so it tightens counter clockwise.

If it wasn't removeable I'd probably have to put the beans in one at a time!

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mckolit (original poster)

#9: Post by mckolit (original poster) »

Getting there. Print just got done but have to wait a bit to try it out. Can't wait.

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mckolit (original poster)

#10: Post by mckolit (original poster) »

Got everything fitting and tested it out and the results were underwhelming. I need to make it easier to remove and need to put a thing on top to make it easier to grip to remove. Back to the drawing board.