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mckolit (original poster)

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Unfortunately this experiment was a failure. This is the final rendition.

I used a plastic bottle sleeve.

In the end it just became an anti popcorn device. Oh well. It was a fun little experiment. It just didn't generate enough air to push the grinds out of the chute. Back to the bellows for now.


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I've been using a "Fan" to pump air through my Sj for two years. Every now and them i try to dial in without the fan...its not as good.

I tried three different fans and they all couldn't blow pressure through the beans even with fully sealed air route. I ended up with a small USB air pump. It pushess beans through faster and the outconme is a few less fines so I have to grind overall finer tyo compensate.

I have fully customised my SJ for single dosing and first experimented by blowing jently into the throat (no one else was drinking my espresso lol).

I also have the similar device thet you printed to stop all the retention in the centre of the lower burr. I was even worse with ssp burrs. I had mine turned by an engineer I found on fiver.

The italians can sure make equipment that lasts but the finer points of design certainly elude them