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#11: Post by cgfan »

Paolo, great to hear that it's working out for you too!

Do you also use it in the other steps as I do? (1-as a beans hopper; 2-as a funnel when filling the portafilter; and 3-as a tamping base when tamping)

It may sound fussy when first reading it, but in actual practice it's all very smooth and quick. Also a big advantage is that if one pre-doses their whole beans, 100% of your beans makes it to the portafilter and gets used in the resulting puck.

And I do agree that it looks better too. I keep the canning funnel stored on top of the mazzer with the plastic freebie tamper in place.


#12: Post by Paolo »

I have only had my funnel for 3 days now but use it as a hopper and a porta-filter funnel.

I have a tamping matt that I use to tamp the ground coffee into my naked porta-filter.

I like the way that I can weigh the grounds and then pour this weighed amount directly into the portafilter with no spillage. This ensures optimum dosing....every time. In my basket, the optimum is 16.7 grams.

I place a tamper on the top of the funnel when grinding totally eliminates the "popcorning effect"...which is supposed to make for more consistently-sized particles.

All-in-all, I'm VERY hapy with the way that the funnel has aided ease and consistency into the process and the repeatability of Godshots.

Cheers and regards,

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#13: Post by cgfan »

Hi Paolo,

That's great to hear! Looks like it's worked out quite well for your workflow! It certainly has smoothed out mine as well, as well as support a 0% waste of ground coffee.

One question - your tamping mat, by chance is it one of the ones that keeps the bottom of the portafilter off the ground? The main reason I like using the upside-down funnel on my tamping mat, in addition to the other two uses, is to keep the bottom of the PF from contacting the tamping surface. Even if it were not a matter of hygiene I'd still need it for stability's sake, as I normally use a single-spout PF, and occasionally a bottomless PF (where the basket sticks out past the PF...).

- cgfan


#14: Post by Paolo »

The matt that I use is:- ... matts.html

My portafilter basket doesn't protrude through the when I tamp, the cutout of the portafilter contacts (and gets good grip on) the rubber matt. I wash the matt after every few uses so dodgy hygiene isn't an issue..It all works well for me.

My partner commented just this afternoon how much better the grinder looks with its silver hat....there you go....a win/win situation. When I put the Robur on the counter just a week ago she burst out in uncontrollable laughter!!


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#15: Post by cgfan »

FYI, here's an updated video showing the full workflow of the doserless Super Jolly mod and the use of the canning funnel:


#16: Post by Endo »

You brush trapped grounds from your grinder chute while it's running? Wow, you must eat up a lot of brushes.

The canning funnel looks interesting (although it started to sound a bit like a steel band at some spots) :-)
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#17: Post by cgfan »


Yeah, know what you mean about the steel band! I always feel a bit silly doing it, but on the whole the workflow comes together with so much synergy.

Re. leaving the grinder running while I brush, on top I do so b/c I can hear when I am no longer finding any loose beans. (My Mazzer is on a high enough surface where I cannot see into the throat of the grinder. On the bottom I do so b/c the rotation of the burrs creates enough airflow to help eject some grounds out.

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#18: Post by TUS172 »

Great thread... I love the innovation... A canning funnel. 8) It is a great look and Wow it is functional isn't it.
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#19: Post by JohnB. »

While looking on line for a source for the metal canning funnels I came across antique glass canning funnels. They are smaller (4" opening top/1.5"id bottom) but I thought one might work well for my espresso only SJ as I measure & grind per shot. The od of the neck is only 2" so I wrapped it with several layers of foam tape to get a nice snug fit that still allows me to easily remove it when cleaning the burr area. I like the look & it gives me plenty of clearance under the cupboard.

IMAWriter (original poster)

#20: Post by IMAWriter (original poster) »

As the OP on this thread, I never cease to be amazed by the innovative thinking by our members, if only for aesthetic considerations. Looks like my lowly PVC addition has (thankfully) gone the way of the dodo :lol:
The glass canning funnel is a beauty.
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