Mazzer Super Jolly + Fellow Ode Brewing Burrs

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Initially acquired this Super Jolly to serve as an add on to my home espresso setup. Since I currently have a Lux D Mazzer as my primary grinder for espresso, I don't need to use my Super Jolly as my primary espresso grinder. Long term plan was to eventually upgrade the stock burrs on the Super Jolly to SSP at some point. Right now, I am content on using my Lux D Mazzer. However, wanted to improve my overall brew only methods and my Encore just didn't provide my taste buds that satisfying cup.

Managed to slightly improve my V60 taste in the cup by using a Timemore C2 handgrinder, but wanted to venture beyond that and got me thinking how about replacing the Mazzer 64mm burrs with the Ode. After reading lots of good reviews on the Ode, I decided to purchase a set. Note, it was out of stock for quite sometime and finally was able to get my hands on the version 1.1 burrs. Most of what I read was about replacing the stock burrs with SSP, but keep in mind, I bought a this Mazzer for a surprisingly cheap price of $45.00. At least for now, I didn't want to spend about $180 for SSP burrs if I can buy some for $40.00 and get decent results.

The Ode burrs are 64 MM just like the Mazzer stock burrs and come supplied with screws. Used the ODE supplied screws and didn't find any noticeable fitting issues. Went ahead and determined the zero point while running the grinder. One thing to note is about 1.0 - 1.5 from zero the burrs did manage to chirp. This variance could be due to having some residual coffee on the burrs. I would likely set this pass the 1.5 marker to be on the safe side.

Grinder Workflow:
Typically weigh my beans and factor in about an additional 2 grams to account for bean retention overhead that may be left in the grind chamber or left in the sides of the doser. For example, for a 30 Gram to 500 ml recipe, I weight about 32 grams of coffee. Prior to this I use a shop vac to clear both the grinder chute and doser of any previous grounds. This is actually a clean way to remove any stale coffee. I then dispense this into a cocktail steel cup and brew.

Initial Thoughts:
So far, there is definitely a lot more clarity in the cup. Again I have never experienced this clarity from my Encore or Timemore C2. The cup is a lot more cleaner, when I am referring to cleaner it's my own notes for tasting the flavor. This is probably because there is very few fines. I've made prepared V60 and it's just very enjoyable.

Sharing this in case those owners that have an existing Super Jolly that want to re-purpose your grinder as a brew only grinder, this might be a good option for you. Note it won't grind enough fine for espresso.

I am trying to order a Kruve Brewler, so I can post the grind size, but those are out of stock. I might try to update this post later with a current photo of the finest grind I got from my grinder.

Potential future plan would be to possible upgrade to the ODE 2.0 burrs and eventually the SSP burrs, but interested to know what type of results others get with upgrading to ODE burrs version 1.1 or 2.0 using a Super Jolly.


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I'd love to hear how this is going 2 months in.

Currently running on a Super Jolly with the Normale burrs. Planning on eventually upgrading to SSP as well.

Good to know that this is an option for my Ode, should I not be satisfied with the v.2 burrs.

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I've been considering this burr swap since I hear that those fellow ode burrs were 64mm.
I'm looking to do this, and it would only be filter batch brew duty.
I'm hesitant on the version of burrs, the 1.1 have good reviews albeit the issue of being able to grind finer.
Maybe once the 2.0 burrs come out there will be 1.1 for a discounted price?

Do you recommend this burr swap?
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#4: Post by braxtonjens »

Any updates on how your enjoying those burrs?
Are your burrs 1.0 or 1.1?
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