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Thank you .
Espresso uber alles.

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Well done -Tim- I have a SJ that I am over hauling- You keep my gears turning with your ideas...... Hmmmmm ?
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Hey Tim, Could i ask you (very politely of course) to try a mod I've come up with, sometime when you have the time?

My thought was that by attaching some mesh (i.e. cut from an old sieve ((i think americans call them strainers?!)) ) and attaching it to the bottom of the bottle, whether by cutting out the lid of wrapping up the bottle neck, you could virtually eliminate all clumping?!

Of course some coffee would get stuck on top and you would have to tap the bottle throughout the grind to ensure it all went through, but it seems like it could work really well to me... I would love to try it myself, but i dont have a doser grinder of any sort (though im keeping an eye out for a second hand SJ)

If it works then congratulations you may not need the WDT any more! (i hope)

Anyway, i guess this goes for anyone who's tried the bottle mod.

Thanks a bundle,


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FYI, here's an updated video showing the full workflow of the doserless Super Jolly mod and the use of the canning funnel:

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Is that a 5.75" canning funnel? Looks like amazon sells em.
I'm about to buy an SJ and would like to copy your setup. Thank you! Nice workflow!

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I bought my funnel from Amazon, though use it instead of a hopper only.
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old thread but good-un...

Thanks Tim!

I just used this to mod my Macap M4 (or MC4 or whatever):
To remove the doser, remove the 2 screws holding the clear plastic cylinder on, then turn it over, remove the 3 little screws holding the bottom plate on, and you will see a 5mm allen/hex bolt staring up at you - remove it and the doser falls off.

BUT, you cannot use the 2 screws that held the thick plastic cylinder on to hold the thin bottle on as they are too long - I found that a couple of computer case knobbed bolts did the trick.

I chose to use a 1 liter bottle which makes it a tad dicey turning the knobbed bolts to hold it on, but it went well, and with a little pushing, matched the curvature of the opening.

Grinding was a snap!

I only do single doses (18g or so) at a time, so I also got rid of the hopper and am using the Macap "tamper" as a weight on top.

Again, thanks! (next month, worm drive!!!) :mrgreen: