Mazzer Rio Major upgrades

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#1: Post by DrAri »

Just got an older Mazzer Rio Major, 83mm burrs without any serial plate. Not sure how old or when the burrs were last replaced. What (if any) upgrades could I do to make this perform better outside of replacing burrs?

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#2: Post by Jonk »

Something is wrong. It should grind a lot faster if there are indeed 83mm burrs in there. Have you opened it up to clean it out? If you're looking to keep cost down you can opt for a generic brand of burrs instead of genuine Mazzer ones - anything would be better than completely dull burrs. After that you could look into to improve workflow.

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#3: Post by emradguy »

I sold my Major recently, and the buyer only wanted the SSP Red Speed burrs I had in it.

I've got a set of lightly used OEM Major burrs laying around and would be happy to send them to you at the cost of shipping plus $10 for my effort. I used them for about 4 years, and estimate they've seen about 160# of coffee. Iirc, they are rated by Mazzer for something like 400kg.

I've also got a lightly used set of Torr Toys burrs for same grinder that I would be happy to send you for postage + $25. These burrs are (imho) a little better than OEM in the cup, and are rated to last about 70% longer. I used them for about 9-10 months and estimate they've seen about 40# of coffee.

pm me if you're interested.

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Amazing thank you. I'll Pm you.

Yes I cleaned the existing burrs but they felt pretty dull. Will post an update when I get a new set in!

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Does anyone know if i can buy a smaller size hopper such as a mini hopper if it'll fit the major?

Edit: found this ... HoQAvD_BwE


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I owned several Majors - they are a great grinder.

I bought some thick silicon sheet in the espresso section of Home Depot to make a gasket to hold his hopper in place. The throat is about 2-3mm larger than the hopper. No one ever knew I'd done this - looked like it belonged there.

I'm not sure which style of switch you have - the contact style is what I used. Mazzer makes one type of contact switch - you can twist the last "notch" to make it turn on. On one Major I added a push button contact switch like this: ... +SPST.html

I used some double sided tape to hold the scale in place on the portafilter handle holder and ground directly into the baskets. I also used a Raspberry pie to run the grinder, but we didn't like having the Pi on the counter, although it worked flawlessly. I dud a post on this years ago here. You can see how I mounted the scale to the grinder.

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#7: Post by trumz »

I single dose my Major with good results. Removing the anti-static screen is a must and using the RDT works well to keep static down. You'll need a small thin brush to brush out the chute. If you're going to single dose, you don't need a hopper at all just something to prevent thr beans from poping out while grinding. I've used an old tamper for that job but recently turned a wood plug.
I also put a toggle switch to get rid of the "timer" switch.