Mazzer Omega hand grinder

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#1: Post by ojt »

Let's post this here too. So Mazzer is launching a new hand grinder, another 47mm burr one.

Without further ado, here's their product page:

They're offering it with "fast" and "soft" burrs. The former for more productivity and the latter for easier grinding. I wonder if that means espresso and brew respectively..

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#2: Post by TomC »

Looks pretty well laid out. I like the big knob and the magnetic catch cup.

It's interesting, them jumping in now, with a very saturated market. At least they have scale on their side.
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#3: Post by Pressino »

Looks like they offer two types of burrs..."soft" and "hard"...maybe similar to the Kinu choice for pour-over versus espresso?

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#4: Post by another_jim »

A "soft" burr should have the burrs more angled and then a "hard" burr, so that it took more of a rotation to push the beans from top to bottom. I have no clear idea what that implies for grind quality; but it would seem that very gradual grinding might be better for quality. One thing is certain -- it is harder to grind fine than coarse; so the soft burrs will be far more pleasant for espresso use.

The Trespade style 47mm conical has a long track record for good to excellent (but not quite superlative) espresso and pour over; so in terms of taste this one will be fine. Whether it is better ergonomically than all the boutique 47mm conicals remains to be seen; but it looks like they've, um, been inspired, by all the best in previous designs.

It is interesting that Mazzer is looking at this market
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#5: Post by jbviau »

Maybe I just need a snack or something, but I don't see anything exciting here. Also, it looks like a Contigo travel mug with a handle. At this point, with so many good hand grinders to choose from, there has to be something that grabs me right away about the design or function; the Mazzer name alone won't cut it. Anyway, I suppose they feel they *need* to offer a hand grinder since everyone else does (even Fisher-Price)?
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#6: Post by ira »

Mazzer does make their own burrs in house and in the end the difference between all the boutique hand grinders comes down to ergonomics, burr design and adjustment. If their burrs are better it will be a better grinder, if not nothing else matters. Only time will answer that question.

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#7: Post by baldheadracing »

I'm wondering if the burrs shown on the website are really the burrs for this grinder ... if so, then Mazzer has shrunken what looks like the 83mm 3-phase Robur design (ten 'fingers' on the inner burr) down to 47 mm ...

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#8: Post by emradguy »

Burr alignment and stability is also important. I wouldn't just assume that everyone who makes a slick hand grinder is producing the same level of tolerance in that department.


#9: Post by wkmok1 »

I wonder if there is a typo on their webpage. This "EXTERNAL MICROSTEP ADJUSTMENT RING - FROM ONE THIRTIETH OF A MILLIMETRE" seems to be a much bigger step than other hand grinders.


#10: Post by bakafish » replying to wkmok1 »

There are 60 clicks for one revolution. If it means one click for 1/30 mm (0.033 mm), the thread pitch is 2mm. Yes, much bigger compared to 0.75 mm of the Kinu M47. Does anyone know the thread pitch of the C40 Red Clix? If it is 0.5mm, the C40 has only 12 clicks for one revolution so one click is more than 0.04 mm.