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I was curious about the burrs that are in the MC4 I have on order and I ended up down the rabbit hole looking at all things mazzer purely for fun :mrgreen: The company seems to have quite the history and reputation. Apart from the Mazzer Mini, which really isn't that small, I don't see anything they really offer for home use. Ya'll think they'll ever enter the single dosing market now that it's all the rage these days?


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baldheadracing wrote:I'm wondering if the burrs shown on the website are really the burrs for this grinder ... if so, then Mazzer has shrunken what looks like the 83mm 3-phase Robur design (ten 'fingers' on the inner burr) down to 47 mm ...
Yes, the grinder shows 10-12 fingers on the inner burr, and the burr picture shows a inner burr that has more like 16-18 fingers.
Not the same burrs.


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Here's a short video posted of it on Facebook. They say it will start at €265 plus tax. I for one am pretty excited to see how how this plays out. The hard burr version definitely has my attention. That is my biggest complaint with my Kinu is that I just turn and turn and turn without much resistance. I would gladly trade more needed force for quicker grinding times.


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I took their specs to mean each click step adjusts the burr 33 microns, which I guess would be OK for non-espresso brewing. That seemed a bit too coarse an adjustment for espresso (about 3x as coarse as the Kinu's steps), so maybe this grinder is intended mainly for the non-espresso/non-Turkish brewing crowd. :?


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Pretty nice looking: ... a-grinder/
I have a feeling they'll do well with this.

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FYI: Merged your thread with an existing one on the same subject.