Mazzer Mini to Super Jolly Burr Upgrade

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So it has been awhile and had to re-register on here but had very much respected the opinions I received before and am expecting the same. I had seen a few posts detailing the Mazzer Mini 58mm to the Super Jolly upgrade but my question is a bit different. I really really love my mini and was wondering if the upgrade to the 64mm burrs is worth the cost vs trying to find a set of 58mm SSP coated burrs. I really don't care about shaving a few seconds off my grind time and what I care about is what's in the cup. Obviously the 64mm SSP burrs are much easier to find but just would like some opinion on the two different mods. Eventually want to end up with the coated SSP burrs just wanna know if the upgrade to 64mm is worth it or just swap out the OEM 58mm


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To fit 64mm burrs in a 58mm Mini you would need to change the top and bottom burr holders...not cheap to do. Then you would have to deal with the fact that the Mini motor is rated at 2.1 A (the SJ motor is rated at 5A). There 64mm Mini-E burrs are designed for the Mini motor and the more aggressive SJ and SSP burrs put more load on the Mini motor. For the SJ's more powerful motor this isn't a problem. You might not experience problems with the more aggressive burrs, especially if you don't grind a lot of light roasts, but I wouldn't recommend it although other posters have stated they haven't had problems.

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Yeah I definitely agree with everything you grinding habits would afford the larger burrs with no problem I think. What I am presented with is the absolute impossible task of finding a set of 58mm coated burrs for the Mazzer. I have tried the contact form and two different emails and no response. Was willing to spend the money to upgrade to the 64mm since they are much easier to find.


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Sounds like a grinder upgrade/replacement might be in your future - given the dearth of 58mm coated burrs available, and the effort/$ to upgrade the upper carrier to allow for 64's... All that said, my last grinder was a mazzer mini w/ 64mm burrs. I replaced the oems w/ the SJ burrs - cut the grinding time in about half. loved it. What I grew to *not* love in the mazzer, was the noise level, and the amount of grounds that routinely stuck to the inside of the funnel walls. Good luck!