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I have had a Mazzer Mini doser for about 20 years, noticed that it produces a lot of fines when grinding for drip. Just replaced the burrs with new Mazzers and still the same issue. I am using a sifter but that wastes a lot of coffee. I just noticed something strange regarding the burrs contacting each other. Let's say the zero point is 1200 and the burrs are full contact, when I move the collar clockwise 3/4 turn to 1245 (for drip) there is zero contact. But if I turn the collar back to 1240 then the burrs make slight contact, but if I turn it to 1230 then to 1240 the contact stops. What could be doing this?

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Perhaps the burr carrier and adjustment mechanism needs a complete strip down, cleaning and re-lubricating to function smoothly and properly after 20-years of use.
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Thanks, I cleaned it maybe 3 months ago but did not use any lubricant. I seem to remember being told not to use any.

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If it moves smoothly, I would not lubricate. There may be a bit of "stick" when first roasting the collar, but no grinding feeling. Cleaning would be my first choice and perhaps last choice.

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My Super Jolly, which was built in 1998, has a smiliar issue.

There is certainly movement in the adjustment ring that has an effect on the grind setting. I think people on here referred to it as "lash".

I'm pretty sure that the Mazzer line was designed for set it and stick with it. Obviously, we have tried to make it a single doser grinder and also tried to make it jump from French press, v60 to espresso.

I have been having pretty good results with mine, but I ll chalk it up more to luck than the machine.

I'll pay with it more and report back. I just got a new adjustment ring and that one has more lash in my opinion compared to my old adjustment ring.