Mazzer K151H Burrs

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Ben Z.

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Saw these burrs for the Major VP which runs at a slower RPM. One video from coffeeparts said that the grinder is designed specifically for high-end espresso (clarity, etc). Questions: Has anyone tried coffee from these burrs? How do they compare to the other 83mm espresso offerings from Mazzer or SSP (just one available, I believe)? Would they be too aggressive (need too much power) to run in a standard Major?


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You can use all burrs in a Major, however some should really only be done in SD, as with certain aggressive burrs you do increase the chance of stalling the grinder especially hopper fed.

I don't think I ever tried those, I tried some of the newer ZM burrs that from what I recall is a tad better and cleaner then standard, but after looking at all 83mm Mazzer these are all pretty traditional cut and designed it's definitely not unimodal burrs, the most different looking is the K151G that by far is also the most expensive and hard to get hands on. All I tried where still in the blending category but I haven't tried these that I know off, but looking at the cut I still imagine these are just more improved tradition much like HU burrs.

Ben Z. (original poster)

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Thanks. I appreciate the information. Just trying to learn a bit about the different 83mm options out there.


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I have a set of the elusive 151G burrs.
Big outfall, they make tasty filter coffee.
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I think I might have tried them at a shop once and was surprised that they said Mazzer burrs and thinking that can't be true :lol:


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Probably from a ZM.
My Major with them in can stall if I don't hit start it with light dense beans.

Yeah they don't really taste like mazzer burrs.
“Coffee is always a good idea”
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