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I did the tape mod on my mini a month or so ago. I had the same initial thought, it does not work that well. Then I realized I had the doser all the way up. Try tightening the center nut in the doser which adjusts the height of the vanes. Crank it all the way down and see what happens. You should have a half inch of screw above the big center adjusting nut.
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For those of us less inclined to do mods, I'll mention my ritual. After each session, I scrape out the pathway between the grinder and the doser, run the grinder for a second and clear the path again, (my finger guard was removed early on). Then I rotate the doser lever with a 1" paint brush inserted in the doser. I brush the doser and run the paint brush around in the doser a second time.

Cleaning old grinds from the burrs, grinder pathway and doser makes sense. When you see how many old coffee grinds are removed, you realize that a good percent of what ends up in your filter basket could be old grinds.
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Here is a couple of pictures of my SJ with sweeper mod and the spinner mod to avoid old coffee staying in the doser

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I originally used the electrical tape mod on Rocky, but later, when the tape became a bit old and gummy on the vanes I switched to using the fuzzy side of heavy duty velcro. Although the fuzzy will retain a bit of coffee, the mod works well, particularly in grinders with dosers made with lower tolerances because the velcro works like broom bristles, conforming to uneven surfaces well, and it seals against the outside walls and into the corners quite well.
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affas wrote:Here is a couple of pictures of my SJ with sweeper mod and the spinner mod to avoid old coffee staying in the doser
So, while I'm a huge fan of the pink easter eggs, I'm drawn to the 'spinner' mod. What is that thing, where did you get it, how hard to modify, etc?
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The spinner I used is intended for radio controlled airplanes and they are made in all kind of materials, plastic, metal, carbon and fiberglass. And I am sure you will find a pink one..............
Most of them have already a hole in front center.

Just remember to buy a bigger spinner since you need to cut it off due to the cutouts for the propeller.
I will post a picture of my spinner being cut in two pieces.

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