Macap MC6 Single Dose Bellows

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#1: Post by savagebrood »

Can anyone point me to a single dose bellows that will fit a Macap mc6? I have looked online and on this forum and can't find one.


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I have an MC4 that looks similar to your MC6, but I am not sure if they have the same opening. I have an inexpensive bellows that I purchased a couple years ago for a Eureka Mignon Specialita. It fit snugly and worked fine for that and my MC4. I have even used it on my Kafatek MC4 Duo after removing the top/dosing funnel. (Guess I like the MC4 model no matter who makes it) It has a loose fit on the Kafatek, but still functions. Even with a loose fit it can blow ground coffee out of the portafilter, if you are too aggressive. FYI, I also have noticed that this bellows, and I assume others, do not only blow coffee residue out the grinder exit path, but may blow coffee into the internal parts of the grinder. I know this bellows did that when I used it on the Specialita.

The one I purchased a couple years ago, appears to be available here: ... B01D0I21CI

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$9 on the big A:

Diatomaceous Earth Puffer

Just set the accordion body in the hopper and push 2 or 3 times.
Also works well on hopperless conventional like MC4, MXK, MCX