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Cranking up the thread again. My Livi has just been assigned a DHL shipping number which means it will be on my doorstep in under two weeks. Crossing fingers and toes that it arrives in good condition. I fully expect to have to work on the alignment and I have a set of mazzer burrs to put in before the first bean is ground.

Thanks to all contributors who have provided me with inspiration and information.
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tompoland wrote:My Livi has just been assigned a DHL shipping number which means it will be on my doorstep in under two weeks.
Or so I thought. Still sitting at Frankfurt Airport. Sigh ...
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Well she is here and my goodness she is beautiful. And appears to be perfectly aligned although that may be short lived as I am swapping the burrs for Mazzer.

Packaging appears to have improved with straw and newspaper replaced with foam sheets, plastic bubble wrap and small styrofoam cylinders, the latter which would not have helped much.

The box showed signs of having other boxes stacked on top of it and so was partially crushed but thankfully all DHL handles seem to have treated it with respect because there is no evidence of the box having been dropped - so kudos to the good people at DHL.

The grinder was therefore in almost perfect condition on arrival with the only item needing repair being the zebrano skirt/frame around the base which had come adrift in one corner, an easy fix.

The wooden cup that catches the grinds is beautiful and surprisingly there are virtually no grinds clinging to it once the plug is removed and the grinds empty into the portafilter basket. My alloy weber cup retains much more and I would have thought it would have been the other way around.

I'm happy that it has finally arrived, ten and a half month after ordering and immensely relieved that is in perfect condition.

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I believe that all of my issues with the grinder stemmed from knocks/bearing damage during shipping. You should be in for a good experience: grinding manually with the Malwani is very satisfying- and the inlay brass is superbly done. I did find it all much larger than expected but it does deliver impressive presence.


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Thanks for your helpful post on Medium too and to the others here who gave realistic (good, bad and ugly) reports. I am pairing it with a Strietman and will now leave the EG-1 with the Decent (other than playing around and benchmarking pours with grinds from the Livi on the Decent).

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Your package was made way better than mine.
Valentin seems to learn from customer's comments, that is positive.

I finally found a way to unmount the cranck: I blocked the shaft using the tiny side hole of the burr (with an old drill).

I had mainly to tight a screw that holds the pillar, on the right side because it uses to flicker when I ground.

I checked also the whole mechanism, the gear wheels are already a bit worn but still ok.
Anyway spare gear are not that expensive.

Another observation in my daily use: For espresso I use to set the thickness between 8,5 and 9.
Although some coffee require to set it over 9.

As the scale ends at 10, I am considering tighting the thickness wheel, next time I'll unmount it.

(Some parts are really mounted in the cheapest way)


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That sort of gear wear short of thousands of pounds of use would be a bit worrisome regardless of price to change, etc. Safe to assume the metal bits in the pic are from that?


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Interesting thanks @brums that last pic is a bit of a concern because it looks like the joining plate is not purpose built. What are your impressions of the rest of the grinder in terms of build quality?

I have only put 1.9kg through it so far but it is starting to give more consistent results. Grinding around 7 for a medium roast espresso. Note though that I replaced the standard Italmill burrs with Mazzer Robur 3 phase burrs so the setting may not be equivalent to yours.
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Yes that plate seems more like leftover than a part from a 1299 € machine.

It seems it has been drilled the first time (1) in the wrong place, than drilled again at the very edge of the plate (2), leaving half of the screw out of the plate.
That is how my cover is held!

That is not a fundamental part of the machine that needs a special resistance, but still...

Then, even though I am quite happy to use it, it makes super good coffee, I've been disappointed by the general quality.

(And compared to my old BPlus Apollo I do not see a 1000 € improvement in the grinding and the workflow, but that is another topic)

Someday I will maybe invest in Mazzer burrs.

And something very annoying is the small hole left in the anti-popcorning lid, that lets a lot of beans pass through.
Now I use a spoon to cover it, if somebody have a beter idea.

Conclusion: Not that bad but not for 1299€.


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One month update.

It took a couple of weeks to swap out the Italmill burrs with Mazzers due to the supplier having sent me the wrong burrs.

Once the Mazzers were in the grind time for 18g went from 40 seconds to 20 seconds. Literally. The handle was a little harder to turn but only a little. The Mazzer Robur 3 Phase burrs are phenomenal.

For the first 2kg I was chasing the grind setting dial all over the place. I kept a record of over 100 grinds with pour times using the same profile on the Decent to try and keep variables to a minimum. It was quite frustrating for a while there as I mixed chokers with gushers and the occasional drinkable espresso.

But after 2kg the grinds were more consistent relative to the setting and at that point I switched from the Decent to the Streitman CT2.

The espresso is what I dreamed of: thick and full of flavor.

My guess is that my experience of the Malwani has been very positive compared to some people for two reasons.

Firstly the grinder arrived in near perfect condition due to better packaging (still a long way from where it needs to be) and careful handling (thanks DHL). Secondly the Mazzer burrs are a significant upgrade.

On the latter point, I just discovered that DavecUK who frequents this forum, was sent a pre production Niche Zero with Italmill burrs. He convinced the good people at Niche to use Mazzers instead. Dave wrote that he can tell the difference in blind taste tests, and has done so. The difference is substantial.

Would I buy the Malwani again? In a heart beat. Currently I use the EG-1 and Decent to make my first espresso because I need my fix fast. The rest are all made with the Malwani and Strietman.

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