Malkonig K30 ES hopper

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Have a question, hope someone knows the answer. Google didnt ;-p

I can buy a k30 ES for 400 euro, thats cheap, I think. With 2 year warranty - so its pretty new. But its to high. The room where I have my setup in the kitchen is to low. So I searched for single dose hopper - dont need 1,5kg of hopper room at home, for a cup or two a day .
But cant find any. I do find for the EK43 - and in Malkonig own website they sell normal hoppers for EK43/K30 ES. So they use the same hopper. Will the single dose after marked for EK43 fit the K30?

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Most of them I see with a quick search would work. I have both a K30 and an EK43 and I can interchange the hoppers.

The normal hopper removal is just a twist out, maybe 1/4 turn. The only way I can think of that a hopper made for the EK wouldn't work on the K30 would be if it somehow replaced the whole assembly that the hopper screws into.

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When I had a K-30 I first used the mini hopper sold separately from the large commercial sized one. Later on I used the Lynn Weber Blind shaker that came with my HG1. Fits perfectly. When I sold the grinder, the purchaser talked me into giving him the shaker as it worked better than either of the standard hoppers.

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What you want is Mahlkonig short hopper part number 703754. Mahlkonig's description of this is: "This would be an optional smaller hopper that would fit K30ES/ K30 Vario/ K30 Air/ EK43 and EKK43 model grinders. Hopper slider built in. Note that the EK43/ EKK43 grinders use an adapter to accommodate these hoppers. Older model EK43 grinders might need the adapter to use this hopper. (replacing #101388)"

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If you're into 3D printing, I printed my own low profile hopper. I'd be happy to share the files.
Alex makes me want to buy expensive stuff.