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Specifically about the Mahlkonig K30 Vario:

Yesterday I received my new K30. It came with the wrong hopper, I had ordered the small one, so I haven't used it yet. I read the manual very carefully and unlike the manual I got with my Baratza Vario it did not mention the need to have it running while adjusting the grind. The Baratza mentioned it several times emphasizing how important it was.

I am wondering why the K30 manual never mentions keeping it running while making grind adjustments.

Is it that as a professional grinder it is so solidly built (it does way a ton and is a lot bigger than I was expecting!) that adjustments can be made when not running? Or do they just expect you to be knowledgeable enough not to be told the obvious?

I am assuming that I should have it running when I make adjustments but if I don't have to, and it won't cause any damage, it would I think save a few grams of coffee each time it's adjusted.