Mahlkonig X54 Allround Home Grinder

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#1: Post by nguye569 »

It doesn't look like there's a discussion started yet, so I wanted to start one about the recently announced Mahlkonig X54 "Allround" grinder. It looks to be a grinder that can be used for all brew types.
Please share any thoughts, opinions, or info you have about this grinder.


#2: Post by malling »

Probably using the same burrset as the Baratza Vario/Forte BG. It would be a classic way for Mahlkonig/Ditting to do this. But either way a very nice upgrade of those grinders.

The grind dial is very 807'ish.

Hopefully they won't price it Mahlkonig/Ditting style as that would mean a $2000 grinder.

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#3: Post by Eiern »

It says €499 with 19% VAT for europe ... me-grinder

I agree a smaller shorter hopper would be better for the home.


#4: Post by malling » replying to Eiern »

impressive that's it is even cheaper then the Vario with steel back when there where such a thing. I never thought Mahlkonig would actually be able to make something affordable. :lol:

The cheapest they had since they streamlined their range is a €2000 E65 making something 1/4 of that is mind blowing.

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#5: Post by baldheadracing »

Taking out the VAT gives $507USD / $622CAD

Seems well-priced. The Baratza Vario is currently selling for $479USD / $699CAD


#6: Post by ethiopianbuffman »

I don't know why 1) the hopper is so big, 2) why it is so wide, 3) has steps.

The pricing is fine, but doesn't make any sense. You can tell that they are trying to save money as it is has the same form factor as their other grinders and just re-using burrs.


#7: Post by iBrew »

More competition for home grinders is a great thing for us. Whats Baratza going to do? they can't just sit on their old grinder lineup with all the new players coming.

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nguye569 (original poster)
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#8: Post by nguye569 (original poster) »

Maybe i'm just one of the few people that don't SD, so I'm ok with the hopper size. The website shows approximately 500g capacity, which is less than the 600g on my Ceado E37J.

I do like the look of this and like that it can be used one the random occasion that I want pour over. I picked up a DF64 so that I can do pourovers and occasionally try a new espresso bean without messing up my current grinder, but I may give this Mahlkonig a try if there's a 110V version.

Edit: looks like June 2021 is expected date for a US version.


#9: Post by baonumber1 »

Only 35 steps from espresso to french press. I'm not sure that's enough steps..


#10: Post by bakafish » replying to baonumber1 »

I think it is stepless and the range should be enough.

In the instruction manual, it shows "With the side hand wheel(5), you can infinitely adjust the desired grinding degree: The finest setting on the grinding degree scale(6) is "01", while the maximum (coarsest) setting is "35". Approximate guide values for the grind adjustment are as follows:
• Espresso 01-05
• Caffee Crème 05-15
• Filter coffee 15-25
• FrenchPress > 25

In the brochure it shows "What lies beneath this comprehensive scale is a uniquely conceived set of burrs that can produce particles of less than 200 at the finest and up to 1,000 μm at the coarsest setting."