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CoolHandLuke wrote:My're not the minority, otherwise Mahlkonig wouldn't have placed this grinder on the market.

What I'm thinking is that those who don't care for retention aren't exactly short for choice at the $850 mark.

As Mahlkonig has adjusted grinders in the past, see the K30 grind chamber update, let's imagine the X54 flopping and in 6 months the Mahlkonig LR54 comes out at the same price, LR standing for Low Retention, would you still buy the X54 or would you go for the low retention version?
Honestly, unless the looks of it change drastically, I'd keep the X54. I agree with you that there are many options at this 850 mark. So when I decided on X54 (I've got one on the way actually), it was because it looked nice, provided a hopper, and helps clear off counter space by no longer needing a filter grinder. Aside from that, it's probably not gonna be any better than my current grinder but the pros are enough for me to order it and I'll just resell what I currently have now.

My reasons for buying really are not related to usability, but we're pretty much at the point of diminishing returns until we get into a higher price bracket. At least I'm fortunate enough to buy something for looks.

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#82: Post by DamianWarS » replying to nguye569 »

European market is different American thoughts on retention is probably different. The demographic mk probably tested with wanted a grinder that looks like a cafe grinder. It probably also pairs well in a low volume cafe albeit unofficially. For home use I would get the Niche... and if that's too expensive get the DF64.


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So, purely as a brew grinder, how would people rate the X54 vs others like Fellow Ode, Baratza BG, or one of the Eurekas? I've just gotten more serious about espresso (milk drinks) vs drip and pour-over, and am thinking of using my Atom 75 only for espresso (BDB), and getting a replacement for filter/brew. I think the Atom's grind tatsed better than the Ode or the Forte BG (both of which I also own). I had been using a Sette 270wi for espresso, but think the Atom is a bit better in the cup (still testing as I've just gotten the Atom close to dialed in for my BDB.

Have always lusted after an EK43, but will never take the plunge, just because it's huge (and $$$$). It sometimes seems like people here don;t think the grinder for brew can get any better than Forte BG, but the Atom definitely had it beat in terms of speed, quietness, apprearance, and for me, at least, flavor.


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You could put the BG burrs in the X54 (it already has one identical grinding disc). So I wouldn't expect a world of difference from the Forté or Vario Home, just improved build and noise levels.

There are definitely better grinders out there, but that burrset is hard to beat when it comes to price/performance. FWIW I prefer the unimodal 64mm SSP burrs more often than not though, and in a DF64 or Ode it's a similar price bracket.


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Thanks for the info. So, what grinders do you consider among the 'better'? Value is nevr an acceptable substitute for performance!

I want something that can be ordered and shipped fairly quickly, from a comany that will be around for parts and repairs if required.... I have a small kitchen, so no 3' giants! I admit to being tempted as a Mahlkonig grinder is an aspirational brand for me (EK43 lust). I love my Atom 75, which will now be my espresso-dedicated grinder, and want something of comparable heft, speed, quiet and quality.

Always open to suggestions.

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#86: Post by PastorChemex »

I've ordered mine from Prima (in the US) and it's already shipped and is set to arrive Friday. I'm out of town until Monday, so I can give some thoughts once I get mine.

This is an upgrade from my Virtuoso and I'll be using it for v60 90% of the time.


#87: Post by Stener1000 »

I am about to exchange my 14 year old Rancilio Rocky Grinder with the mahlkönig x54. Just ordered it an hour ago. Really looking forward to see if it performs good and that much better than the Rocky.

The fact that it should be capable of making good results for both espresso, drip and V60 got me to take this rather than an eurika mignon specialita.

I have no preference for single dosing, and many times, when grinding espresso, I make at least two shots, so then the hopper seems to be ok as I am also used to a hopper based solution.

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nguye569 (original poster)
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I FINALLY got my grinder in and am still getting the burrs seasoned. But some initial impressions:

1. Love how quiet it is

2. The coarsest setting was still a bit fine for my 20g v60 size 1. Atleast for the coffee I was using. It shouldn't be an issue since I just know to adjust my doses now.

3. I've seasoned it with 1 pound of beans, but grinds seem to be good and less clumpy than my Macap.

4. I have no idea why there's 4 preset time settings?! I can understand 2, but 3+ never makes sense.

5. Hopper is not as big as what people make it out to be. It's about the same size as my Macap and Ceado hoppers.

6. There are some components that feel cheaper than the higher end Mahlkonigs, such as the portafilter holder.


#90: Post by RocketR58 »

I currently have a Mazzer mini E paired to a Rocket R58. I primarily drink double shot with 150ml milk. 20% espresso use. Don't single dose.

I'm looking to upgrade the Mazzer. Is there anyone that could make comment on this upgrade pathway, or is going to be more of a sideways move?

Kind regards