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ScottTL wrote:Thanks Steve, I'm always looking to avoid another step in the process! I know, wrong hobby! I heard back from Gary at GH Grinding and Brewing Solutions. He's the US Distributor for Mahlkonig. Super nice and helpful. Here's the link for his company.
What did he say about the flapper?? Hard to believe the U.S. distributor wouldn't have a common wear item like the flapper in stock.

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They are currently out of stock but expecting them to arrive the first week of January.


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I just ordered three from and they are currently in stock. Unfortunately the UPS shipping calculator charged $17.66 for something that weighs less than an once. Apparently it defaults to a one pound minimum.

Since I'm in the same state I phoned them to find out if they offer flat-rate shipping but they don't. The salesperson I spoke with was kind enough to offer to run the flappers to the post office personally but I told him that wasn't necessary.