Mahlkonig K30 Macro Adjustment

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Good Morning,

I am curious if anyone has ever modded a k30, with brew grinding in mind, to add an external way to make larger adjustments without having to take the top off?

Basically I am looking for a way to turn the "toothed" part below without taking the top off. 1/2 turn takes this from espresso range to the the coursest that I would need, so it doesn't have to turn much, maybe a quarter turn of play would plenty. Any ideas?


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BaristaBoy E61

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Perhaps what you're proposing is worth a try. As you are not trying to adjust to grind finer, there is no chance of damaging the burrs as you're adjusting them to be yet further apart.

The worst that can happen is that you recalibrate to its original position.
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