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I find a lot of roasts tend to taste either dry or roasty when I push them more than 21% or so rather than juicy and rounded. Real overextraction I think tastes more like bitter hops. I've had some beans that I could push to 24% without any bad flavours but this seems exception rather than rule. So maybe it's really due to roaster's skill and/or green bean quality rather than grinder itself.


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Those using SSP burrs, what grind size do you typically use for V60? Does anyone else find that they have to use a quite coarse setting for most brew methods? (6 o'clock or more)?


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the following is my opinion and experience regarding the SSP EK burrs (red speed coating, latest geometry)

tested the SSP EK burrs for a while now and find that i mostly do not like them for filter coffee and they have also (unsurprisingly) turned the EK into a more traditional style espresso extraction grinder.

I find that I am extracting to lower (typical mythos) ratios aka: 1:2-2.5 to get delicious espresso with anything higher tasting astringent, whereas with the EK burrs, I could happily go 1:3+ and anything higher would just taste lower strength but not astringent.

suffice to say, at lower ratios i'm enjoying the enhanced mouthfeel and flavors but that isn't particularly why I purchased an EK in the first place.

as for filter coffee, my personal preference is straight up stock EK burrs. from sweetness to quality of flavors, i completely prefer the stock EK burrs.

AFAIK, these are similar if not the same geometry as the burrs used in the monolith flat max (i'd love to be wrong about this) so unfortunately it puts me on the fence regarding acquiring a flat max (seems redundant outside of aesthetics and ergonomics)


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Are you comparing them to old stock coffee or new coffee burrs? What I find is that the SSP burrs grind very fine, so you can't use the same setting like-for-like. @malling here had both burrsets I believe found similar results. For filter, I am currently grinding almost at the end of the dial range (14 out of 16)

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A grinder that is stellar for espresso will not work with the same quality in brew. I had exactly the same results as you when I changed from stock unimodal Guatemala SB 73 mm burrs to SSP espresso burrs (but with unimodal geometry oriented- a mix between espresso and brew geometry).

Before I was pulling the best brew shots, better than any coffee shop but the espresso was watery, fast flowing, lacking sweetness, under extracted.
I would overdose with 2 grams and pull 1:3 in 40 seconds but the sweetness is not there. I could almost never hit 9 bar with old brew burrs, the coffee has nobody. The flavors are there, but no sweetness.

After I changed to SSP I get really delicious espresso shots, all between 1.5 and 3 ratios, the main problem I have now is to get really clean coffee. This is the hardest part for me right now. If the coffee has harshness, smoke, then it will be amplified in the cup. So I suggest you search and find really light coffee well roasted that is not smoked.

Give it a chance with better coffee.

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So a EKK43 with SSP espresso burrs on one side and SSP filter burrs on the other side would be perfect.

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I've got SSP filter coffee specific burrs with Silver Knight coating on the way. They should be in next week. My EK has sanded (lapped burr housing) and rotatin burr carrier is being revised on a lathe (currently out by about 0.04mm). Will post once I've tested.


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I wonder how much of this is failure to dial in something new that needs radically different parameters, and the tendency of people to keep parameters in "acceptable" ranges.
  • Brew with similar parameters
  • Grinder extracts more
  • TDS is significantly higher
  • Coffee tastes bad and/or muddy
  • Grinder must be worse
When you may just have to up your brew ratio (say to 1:20) or dilute the coffee until desired TDS is reached.

Or, for say the people having trouble with EK shots, that the grinder may already be reaching 1:3 EK shot extraction yields by 1:2 or 1.2.5, without needing to push ratio so high. If you want a 1:3 EK shot with lower tds, it may need to flow 10sec faster to not extract more than you'd like. Even though it's way outside times devised with this kind of equipment in mind.

I think part of it, too, is that most roasters quite frankly suck. There's only a very small handful of roasters, several Scandinavian and a couple NA, I trust enough to push their coffee without encountering anything bad.