Mahlkonig EK43 limited smaller edition - Page 5

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#41: Post by Ferdi »

jeebsy wrote:Just make sure you wire it back up the same way and it's fine.
Is it easy to remove the adjustment dial for repainting and refit it by the way?


#42: Post by jeebsy » replying to Ferdi »

The plastic dial comes off with an allen key but the adjustment screw and surround need masked off


#43: Post by Ferdi » replying to jeebsy »

What do you mean by masked off?


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Ferdi wrote:You do make it sound really easy. I'm pretty retarded though so quite terrified of ending up with my grinder permanently in bits or frying the motor somehow!
Take lots of pictures beforehand.


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Ferdi wrote:What do you mean by masked off?
Covered in masking tape


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Ah gotcha


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I'd be interested in purchasing this smaller grinder for my setup. If anyone finds something in a group buy, would love to connect.