Mahlkonig EK43 factory taste

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After two years with a trusty Breville Smart Grinder Pro I saved my pennies and just got an EK43s. I'm curious how many pounds of coffee I should expect to grind before the factory taste wears off. The first coffee was undrinkable. I didn't bother brewing the second. The third was still unpleasantly metallic. Should I just get a big five pound bag of Costco swill, grind it, and take it to the break room at work?


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Not sure what factory taste is. If your coffee is undrinkable I wouldn't put that down to entirely to the burrs not being seasoned .
If you wanna put some oily beans down it be my guest but they will leak a residue too.
When i got mine i put 10kg in it, but i wasnt seeing a factory taste before this .
The EK is a different thing and i wouldnt be trying to pull short brew ratio espresso with it , that will not lead to tasty .

There will no follow a series of posts relating to the fact the a factory EK makes garbage coffee and you will need to align it, buy new burrs and pre breaker....


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The EK43 is radically different from all aspect against the smart grinder pro, maybe you could share with us what is your brewing technique, beans etc etc.

I did not encounter any metallic taste with my EK43S, just a steep steep learning curve. :lol: :lol:


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Never heard of EK43 making coffee metallic? Do you see actual metal pieces after you grind the coffee?

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The problem using commercial brew grinders for home use: They take about 2 years to break in.


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I was doing a pour over with my kalita wave and using a Costa Rican single origin from Verve. Fellow Stagg EKG is my kettle. The dripper was metal yes but the taste was fine with my breville — the grinder was the only variable changed.

There was no visible change to the coffee. It was just the taste. And smell. It also smelled like metal.

I certainly hope it doesn't take two years.


#7: Post by winslette »

I don't ever recall getting a metallic taste in mine. I did see a large amount of the lubricant on the back of rotating burr carrier and chamber. More than I would have expected seeing other people's EKs.


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Maybe try putting some Grindz and/or rice through it?


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Is plain white rice the best variety?


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I'm not sure - it might be best to ask Mahlkoening to make sure it doesn't void your warranty and such. I don't doubt something as powerful as the EK43 and the incredibly hard burrs will chew through any kind of rice/grain but you want to be careful with such expensive equipment.