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Prescott CR

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Typically what most use for break in is minute rice, or a knock off.

You can also go with grinder cleaner, grindz or which ever other brand has the pill shaped stuff. Joefrex has a cornmeal based powder IIRC.

I've had the EK for a while and don't remember a metallic taste, so hopefully something like this will help you get it right. I suppose if you're really curious you could hold a powerful magnet over your ground coffee (or stir the grounds with it) and see if it collects anything. Assuming any metal that could be coming out would be magnetic. That's a lot of 'ifs' but I like experimenting myself :)

Good luck, you'll be fine once it has broken in no doubt.


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What the EK does is reveal more easily of the defects of any roast. I suspect it's the coffee itself rather than anything to do with the grinder burrs not being seasoned enough.
Try a different coffee or a different roaster and compare if you can.


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I buy decaf espresso from Square Mile for my wife and those shots run through very fast, especially compared to their normal espressos. Faster than the Tim Wendelboe pretty light roasted espressos I mostly use too.

Even though I bought my EK43 from a cafe (under 2 years since production date) I can still sometimes recalibrate a little finer, so expect that it's not broken in at all.

I also lowered the pressure on my E61 machine to 6 bar to better manage the EK flow. Now it's mostly 1:2,5 ratios in just under 25 seconds that taste the best here.

Also 19 grams in my VST 20g basket the shot takes longer than 18 grams in my VST 18g basket, so I stay with my 20g after trying 18 multiple times.

Use beans in their prime (after at least 10 days of rest and within ~7 days since opening the bag) after that the shot also run faster, I have saved some beans for running a shot after backlushing the group with cleaner and those run through wicked fast.

Also some beans are denser than others, different roast levels, things like that makes for different lasting shots.

Good luck!

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Congrats on the grinder!

Did you buy this machine new? it seems like that from the post but want to be sure

What beans are you using? how old?

You can buy costco coffee for seasoning but it must be a low oil blend or you will want to clean it (not a big deal honestly). Just take everything apart after and clean it. Good idea to do this now before using it anymore anyway to see what is going on in there.

The smart grinder pro I've used before. It could not consistently deliver espresso shots, sure you could choke it but the distribution would be so wide the extractions were aweful as it would only extract parts of the puck even with a nice slow flow. I'm thinking the metallic flavor might not be the grinder metal components but rather the grinder exposing the bean in the cup as someone else said. That cup might not be what you like and you go to a different style bean and have the best shots of your life. I found with flat larger burrs I liked more old school Norther Italian espresso blends. While with a conical I started to like more fruity or flowery blends. Why is this? probably a bunch of mumbo jumbo :lol:

Lets rule out actual ground metal in the grind path first. Open that thing up and post some photos.