Mahlkonig EK43 bean hopper options

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Are there any EK43 owners (short or tall versions) that use the grinder without either factory hoppers? the 43s with the short hopper will not fit in my prep space...

Wondering if anyone has either rigged an alternative for single dosing, just used the adapter as is to do single dosing, or takes the hopper on and off when they want to use it... or.. any other option...


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I'm waiting for two different 3D printed small hoppers this week. Until now I just used a small plastic funnel inside the black collar that holds the original hoppers. That mostly just works for small doses.

If I don't have that plastic funnel some beans might get left on the ledge in there. I found ditching the black collar not good looking and not children friendly either as it's not far down to the auger.

There is a new short black hopper from mahlkonig out. But it's about the same price as their other hoppers, a tad pricey to me for some plastic. ... k43/s-250g


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If you are single dosing, just do not put the hopper on, there is enough volume in the "neck" of the EK that the hopper attaches to to easily hold an 18 gram+ dose. I have one of the silicon frosting cake decorating bellows on the top of mine to use as a bopper to clear the last of the grounds while grinding. The bellows is the one on Amazon that comes 2 in a set with the tips. Tips are discarded and I have used the other bellows on my Kafatek Conical.
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Perfect... This was exactly what i was hoping...

Thanx to both of you!


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just posting this in case others are curious.... given our world of youtube, i thought i'd look for some operational videos to see the ins and outs of using the grinder... found this video from Mahlkonig ...

at the end when they are adjusting the grinder, they are doing exactly what this thread has suggested... using the grinder without any hopper.


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A few flat light palmtaps over the collar empties the grinder from chaff and grinds pretty effectively, especially after espresso. Almost makes me wantIng to keep on using it hopperless rather than adding a short hopper. (I don't like spraying water on the beans). Going from espresso to coarse pourover is the time it makes the most sense to try an get that out (0,5-1g maybe of fine grounds).


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I've been thinking about getting an EK43S and single dosing with it. I absolutely love my current grinder, but it's not ideally suited for someone who loves changing beans frequently.

Any comments, though, from those who are using the EK for espresso, single dosing, on retention? If I don't use a bellows to blow it out after grinding, is there going to be a significant buildup?


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When going from filter to filter I find I might loose or gain a few tenths of a gram max. From espresso to espresso not much varience. But when giong from filter to espresso I dose an extra gram just so I know that I will get my full dose. Going from espresso to filter I might gain half a gram or so of espresso grounds in there.

I don't use any drops of water on my beans before grinding. If you do retention should be minimal.

The EK is a single dosing brewing device switching dream for me. Straight from filter to espresso to decaf espresso for the wife back to filter with a simple turn of the dial. And a 20g dose takes just over a second!

I liked my second hand EK43 so much that I sold it and a brand new shorter EK43S will arrive in about two weeks. I'll use it with no mods for a year or so until burrs are seasoned properly and if extractions seem low I'll get the Titus burr carrier later on.

Being without the EK for just two weeks and I miss those higher cleaner extractions and espresso. I'm using my LIDO 2 and only doing pourovers.


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I also don't twack the bag clip too many times as I find the chaff and fines doesn't need to be in the brew. I twack to get the most out and the rest goes in the bin. That's the upside of a little static to me. Washed light roasts has some chaff.


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Thanks so much for the help! Great insight--very much appreciated.