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I've been using the EK for espresso for a couple months now. I just ordered the single dosing hopper from mostly melbourne that is manufactured by tough coffee in china. The Mostly Melbourne payment portal is dysfunctional, and I accidentally paid three times. I got one back, still working on the second refund. It looks great, however. I'm excited to have it as part of my coffee routine. Very elegant, ergonomic, and compact.

The problem with leaving the EK neck exposed is twofold, though small. I would prefer not to leave the grind chamber exposed, and when I drop beans in without the hopper, I did observe some bouncing as they hit the burrs. I suppose this could occasionally cause a bean to fly out and not be ground.

As regards the EK's performance, I will speak only of my own experience. When I tighten the grind with the motor running, I hear the chirping of the burrs abutting one another; it's extremely disconcerting. I tend to only tighten the grind while putting coffee through for this reason, as this dulls the sound. I'm not sure whether there's any practical difference, though. I will eventually need to examine the grind chamber to see whether the burrs are out of alignment - I assume they are. But this is a project for a future day, when I feel more confident about my skills.


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Might just be coffee debris stuck on the carrier or somewhere you're hearing. Saw a video of it but can't find it now. The sound only cane going finer, but if he went all the way fine and out again it was gone. That's a sign it's not the burrs themselves.

I ordered my EK43S with the 500g hazy hopper with the lid. If that's too big for daily use I'll use one of the 3D prints. I have had one done already but have faith in the very small one that's more like a funnel. This is how the first came out.



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Frank from Titus responded on another Forum that it could be bad alignment so that one burr rubs against the carrier or something or that the new shear plate might be rubbing against the faceplate as things are a bit changed with the new carriers and shear plates.