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Hi all,

My Mahlkönig E80 GBW arrived today. Delivered by an official Mahlkönig dealer in Germany. With the 250g bean hopper as an accessory for a total of EUR 3,000 incl. VAT/sales tax and shipping (that's USD 2,670 before sales tax).

First pictures can be found here: ... sp=sharing

To put this into perspective: I've been in the espresso aficionado world for over 20 years, but always keep my equipment quite long. Currently and for several years already an Eureka Atom (first model) with a Londinium I lever maschine. On my ordered, new machine (Sanremo You) I'm still waiting for months.

First impressions of the E80 GBW after a few hours:
  • Wow, what a beast. The parcel carrier has groaned quite a bit.
  • Incredibly fast grinder. I have dreamed of finally no longer having to hold the portafilter manually for 12 to 13 seconds.
  • Great display, but the rotary switch to the right of the display seems a bit cheap and wobbly in relation to the build quality of the rest of the grinder.
  • As has been reported by others before about the E65 GBW, my E80 GBW also seems to have left the factory (and the dealer) badly uncalibrated, both in the grind adjustment and in the calibration of the scale.
    I had to readjust the grind directly mechanically (and even quite far), because even at grind setting 0, the doppio ran through in 15 seconds. After the adjustment (and DDD calibration), I now move in the middle range of the grind setting to get to about 28 seconds throughput time (16g grind to 33g espresso).
  • Unfortunately, the scale and GBW is still completely off. My portafilter weighed on a lab scale at 448.8g is weighed at 419.7g in the E80 GBW's portafilter weigh-in. Unfortunately, my 1kg calibration weight won't arrive until tomorrow.
  • When GBW-ing to 16g I get quite variable output (weighed on a lab scale) between 14 and 18g. This is probably due to the fact that I am still constantly changing the grind setting, and possibly less to the wrong calibration of the scale. Is there any experience whether the accuracy of the GBW on the E65 GBW improves after a scale calibration?
In any case, the first three espressos have already impressed me, which is perhaps not surprising compared to an Atom. Even the nine-month-old beans, which I only used to season the burrs, had a delicious aroma in the cup that I had not experienced before.

So much for first impressions.



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Thanks David. Does it use the special steel burrs which is the same as the E80S' or the cast burrs used in the PEAK?

Coffeeshark (original poster)

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That's one interesting question, bakafish.

On Mahlkönig's website the specs for both the E80 and the E80 GBW say "special steel". However, in their spare parts shop they have one

E80S GbW / PEAK cast steel burrs set ( ... teel-80-mm)

an one

E80S burrs set, special steel ( ... -burrs-set)

I would be surprised if they'd used a different set of burrs on the E80 GBW compared to the regular E80, but I guess I'll need to disassemble the grinder once again in order to find out.


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I believe you should be able to identify the burrs when only removing the hopper by looking at the profile of the teeth on the inside. The cast burrs are pretty unique: ... me_CU1.png

Mahlkönig sells the e80 supreme with the cast burrs. No clue about the gbw version.


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Would we really expect the special steel burrs to yield very different taste from the cast burrs even if they have essentially the same geometry?


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Maybe I am a little confused. Indeed it seems like the burrs linked above are basically identical. However, I believe the e80 was or is sold with machined burrs as well. Or was there only marketing material that is misleading. Marketing material is always correct right ;) ... 1645779400

Coffeeshark (original poster)

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Question solved. It's the special steel burrs like in the E80.

It turns out I had to disassemble the burrs anyway because the grinder stalled from clogging tonight. This surprised me somewhat on day 1. At one point the grinder just wouldn't turn anymore. The grinding chamber was stalled by clumped grounds that prevented the burrs from turning. I hope that was just because during my trial-and-error with the grind settings I was grinding too fine after having calibrated the grind settings to zero.


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Very interesting machine, hopefully you get the starting issues ironed out soon!

I thought long and hard before I decided to go with the Etzmax over the Mahlkonig(s). The 4-5g retention, calibration and screen/software issues were what made me decide towards the Etzinger. Wouldn't call the Mahlkonig a bad machine (quite the opposite) or those issues dealbreakers, but believe the Etzmax is better suited to a home setting. It just seems to be a little simpler and 'just works' approach. In a café for sure I'd go with the Mahlkonig.

The price is still somewhat reasonable I'd say. Only about ~€1k more expensive than the cheapest E65S GBW and Etzmax.
I don't want a Decent


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I also considered the E80 because of the burrs and because, sans hopper, it is actually shorter than the Ditting 807 (also without hopper).
But the ditting won me over on low retention and ease of switching between brew and espresso.


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Were you able to get your e80 up and running? Or is it still clogging?