Mahlkonig E80 GBW retention?

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#1: Post by Detour101 »

the E80 GBW looks promising to me, Does anyone who used or owns this grinder know what is the retention in g? and how precise is the grind by weight function?

thanks to you all

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#2: Post by Psychoav »

Have not measured in grams, just the difference is noticeable by the brewing time between the first and second shot of the day. Second and third not much difference, so you might only need to dump the first shot away. Btw, I'm not single dosing, I usually have few hundred grams of beans in the hopper as daily espresso usage. If you are single dosing it, you might not need a GbW. Moreover, unless you are changing beans, it would take around 2 shots to be stable.

As my E80 GbW was upgraded from E65S GbW, I found E65S was more forgiving, maybe only need to dump half shot away, I guess maybe because the grinds chamber is smaller