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TWOBEANS wrote:The grinder is a game changer, +/- 0.1/0.2 grams every 10 or so portafilters, the rest its spot on 18.5g
That is too early to tell. While I do like the concept of the E65SGbW, I'll reserve judgement till it's been out in the wild for a couple of years before making that determination.
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TWOBEANS (original poster)

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graphidz wrote:Having used the E65 and E80 series, everything from speed and performance (especially with the scale and disk distance thingy, even if it's probably not fully accurate) is really great.

However I really really hate adjusting the grind size on this. Even if adjusting is stepless which is ideal, the locking on it makes the grinder essentially has stepped adjustments. Sometimes when you have that grind size setting that you want, locking the adjustment ring just shifts the adjustment even up to two points (and the corresponding DDD measurement confirms the change too).
We found the same at the beginning. However locking mechanism is there only to stop people messing with it or accidentally being knocked. Solution is that you don't need to lock it, which is how we run with it now, left unlocked. No issues whatsoever...

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#13: Post by graphidz » replying to TWOBEANS »

I did try leaving it unlocked at the beginning but the grind size did move while grinding, at least as to what is reported by DDD. I'll give it a serious try next time.

I'd assume it doesn't move after a while of use due to wear or the grease has given away, hence increasing the friction and resistance from moving while grinding.


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Hi Bobby - I also have an E65S GbW and would like to access the service menu. Would like to check scale calibration and also reset the DDD 0 point as it is wrong now that I have adjusted the actual grinder zero point. Would you be able to share the password with me? Assuming its the same? I have run into the same issues getting it through official channels and am a bit annoyed by it tbh. That aside the grinder is amazing. I don't tend to lock the grind adjustment so haven't run into many issues with it wandering/jumping between steps.



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TWOBEANS wrote:We found the same at the beginning. However locking mechanism is there only to stop people messing with it or accidentally being knocked. Solution is that you don't need to lock it, which is how we run with it now, left unlocked. No issues whatsoever...
I have also never used the locking mechanism on an E65S. In fact my initial guess at its function (before the retail launch and before a manual was published) was to switch the operation from stepless to stepped, since the lock doesn't actually lock anything in place and the adjustment wheel could still be turned without excessive force. I've never seen the wheel slip when unlocked across multiple E65S grinders and I don't think that is intended. I would contact Mahlkonig about it if it persists.


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Can anyone tell the damn password to e65s gbw grinder :(


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I'm having exactly the same issues with my one week old EK65s GBW grinder. The whole distance detection system (DDS) seems to be completely off and, as it stands, is pretty useless because it make no sense and gives no confidence to me as the user.

With the grinder set to zero on the top plate, the DDS shows 0.318mm on the display. If I turn the grind size upward on the top-plate (from 0 toward 8), the distance detected increases as you might expect up to a setting of about 2 (where the DDS is reading 0.400) ... after '2', the displayed distance drops back to zero and starts to increase again. So it's like the whole DD system is completely misaligned and wrapping round on itself.

So that means there are in fact two positions where the DDS reports a distance of say 0.318 mm ... once with the top plate set to zero and again with the top plate turned to say 7.5'ish. So which one is correct?

Presumably this means the distance detection is out of calibration and/or not functioning correctly? How do I calibrate this? is it a fault? how can it be corrected? Anyone got any ideas?

To me, I would expect that once the grinder is calibrated and set up with the burrs correctly set at zero then I should be able to go in to the service menu and reset the distance detection system. However as the service menu is locked with a password that I cannot get hold of, then the system will always end up out of alignment. Every time I clean out the burrs and re-calibrate the grinder, the DD system will end up going out of alignment. What if you decide to change the burrs? Well presumably that will require a service engineer call out fee? Seriously!!!

That is such a dumb way of doing things and makes me want to send the thing back to the manufacturer. I resent paying for something that doesn't work as advertised and I resent the idea that, as a professional barista, cafe owner, business owner who wants to be able to keep my expensive equipment in tip-top condition, I cannot be trusted with the password for my own bit of equipment. It's insulting, irritating and absolutely infuriating.

Whilst I'm on this rant, the manual says it is possible to calibrate the weight detection system via the service menu, but again, that menu is locked with a password ... so that is completely wrong. It cant be done ... service engineer call out??

Is it possible for anyone to tell me the password for the service menu? Please :-)

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This is very concerning about the E65s GBW. I'm really concerned about this issue as the grinder becomes available in the US in June and I was planning on buying it. Is Mahlkonig aware of the issue?


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No replies yet from Mahlkonig, I've contacted them here in the UK and at HQ in Germany but still no response so far. Will see what happens on that front.

I imagined that the whole password thing was so that the owner could use it to lock out staff from playing with certain settings ... not to lock out everyone except a service engineer.

The grinder itself is absolutely great though I have to say. I mean it grinds quickly and reliably and, so far, the GBW feature is great. It worries me that I can't calibrate the GBW though or even check its calibration. So my main issue is that, having paid extra for this particular model, I am locked out of being able to set it up correctly and maintain it continuously without incurring service charges. That makes no sense in a busy cafe environment. I need to be able to check and fine tune my grinders, as with all other equipment, so that I can optimise settings across all processes. Why else would I go for a grinder like this if I wasn't a bit of a geek?

Having a 'super accurate distance measurement' feature is completely pointless if the readings you get off it are seemingly random and unrelated to the distance between the burrs. Its just another number, I may as well be reading the value off the top plate like on any other grinder. Surely the point of it is so that you can monitor what it's doing, how its performing and changing over time so that it can be accurately set-up and calibrated routinely.

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I wonder if the E80 Supreme has the same issue. Probably someone who has used one could opine.