Magic Tumbler with original HG-1

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#1: Post by sixty9 »

Hey Guys,

Just wondering if anyone's tried the magic tumbler (or even just the newer funnels) with the original HG-1 (the first batch ever).

The reason why i ask is that i ordered a replacement funnel 2 years ago and the polarity was reversed (the new funnel attracted to my old funnel and repelled the grinder). At the time Weber workshops didn't know if it was a defective funnel or if my grinder had reverse polarity and i returned the funnel but they never gave me an answer on that.

I want to get the magic tumbler but i'm not sure if it'll work with my grinder. I've asked weber but haven't got a response.




#2: Post by fdoenz »

I got the magic tumbler two days ago, and own the HG-1, for the time being the results are mitigated, the coffee hangs on the walls of the tumbler....I guess it's due to electrostatics, now I will start again to use two drops of water before grinding.
I have to add that I am very happy with the blind shaker, no channels anymore since why did I order the magic tumbler....? ...Well just out of curiosity but I think I will not be using it in the future...

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#3: Post by versusqc »

This is worrisome, fdoenz, please keep us updated to how the magic tumbler is working for you with RDT/as you adjust your workflow to it. The coffee hanging on the wall didn't seem to occur in the key workflow video, I wonder if the thump they give it while placing it on the portafilter helped with that, or if it's in the technique of removing the plug, or something else...


#4: Post by fdoenz »

I found out how to take care of the coffee clinging to the side walls: I tap three times in average the magic tumbler against the mat and the coffee falls to the bottom and the problem is solved.
As for the shots I get, they are definitely excellent with no channeling so far!


#5: Post by RayD »

fdoenz, do the grinds still cling to the grinder when you use the drops of water? I'm using the magic tumbler on my machine too, and a couple of sprays of water from a small plastic atomizer completely gets rid of it. The water does make beans stick to the upper funnel which is a bit annoying, but I suppose I'll live. I'm sold on the magic tumbler when used with RDT, the grinds are super nice.


#6: Post by fdoenz »

Yes, I used one then two drops of water, then also sprayed the drop of water and finally came back to not using any water at all, I had the feeling I got an inhomogenous puck and channeling, and as you say the coffee when moisted had a tendency to stick...
I was sold to the blind shaker and ordered the magic tumbler out of curiosity and also being a little bit a gear freak, but I admit that for the time being the results are outstanding....and I just tap the tubler against the mat and the coffée falls into the porta filter without sticking to the side walls!
To sum it up, I would order the magic tumbler again without hesitation!!


#7: Post by fdoenz »

after a few weeks I am an absolute fan of the magic tumbler!

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#8: Post by versusqc » replying to fdoenz »

That's good to hear! Are you still using RDT? Did you change your workflow with the tumbler beyond the tap against the mat that you described?