MACAP Leo 55

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#1: Post by drH »

Anyone have thoughts on this new grinder from Macap?
It looks like a Mignon bit has a few defining features. First, the strong 390W motor is a nice touch. The burrs are also screwless and smooth (see pics on the 1st line website). They are also making some claims about alignment:
"patented with reduced coupling for better parallelism, and the screwless grinder removal system allows fast and incredibly smart cleaning." ... esso-2022/ ... e-grinder/

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#2: Post by buckersss »

Eureka rebranded?

drH (original poster)
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#3: Post by drH (original poster) »

Perhaps it's rebranded. But the motor is different, the burrs are different, and if the burrs don't have screws then the grinding chamber is different. Perhaps the adjustment mechanism is Eureka?

It's potentially different enough to convey a distinct experience. Surprised I haven't heard more about it.

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#4: Post by buckersss »

If it's rebranded, I would put little stock in advertised motor power. I have seen enough discrepancies in eurekas marketing, and in the product manuals available to download on their website.

I think all mignons have the same motor unless they are of the 65mm variant. Very possible this is the same.

Eureka makes the rocket grinders and I find it hard to get information on their specs as well.

I think the only thing you can take to the bank on eurekas is by looking at the nameplate sticker on the bottom or back. The grinder will be capable of that. I've seen some grinders capable of more but I think that's rare.

Maybe it's not a rebrand though.