Macap grinder naming confusion... MXK, MXC, MXKR ?

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#1: Post by Dieter01 »

I am looking to buy a new grinder and Macap is one of the brands I am checking out. The endless list of names is making me real confused though...

What is the difference between the MXC and the MXK (or the MXKR)? The M4 and the MC4?

I think some of these letters indicate colours, some doser/doserless etc... Is there also one for conical/flat burr?

The Macap homepage is useless and quite frankly one of the least informative manufacturers pages I have seen (assuming its the official one I have been looking at)...

Anyone who has been able to make any sense out of all these?

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#2: Post by Teme »

M followed by a number or X = doser
MC = doserless
K = conical

In other words, the MC4 is a doserless (MC) grinder and at the low end of the manufacturer's range (4) while the MXK is a midrange dosered (MX) conical (K) grinder.

In some of the models there are variants with different rpm. For example, the M7 runs its flat burrs at 1400 rpm (in Europe) while the M7 900 turns the same burrs at only 900 rpm.

I have not heard of a Macap MXC, though there is an Elektra MXC that is effectively a rebranded Macap M7.


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#3: Post by HB »

Thanks Teme for the explanation, I get the Macap model numbers confused too. Chris of Chris' Coffee Service kindly provided this elaboration on Macap's model number convention:
Chris Nachtrieb wrote:X tells you it is 350 watt and approximately 64 mm.

R stands for stepless adjustment.

K stands for conical.

C stands for doserless.

trailing numbers indicate the color, e.g., 18 is black.

M4 and M5 have the same motor 250 watt with 58mm burrs. The M5 has a taller hopper.
The Macap website lists their grinders, but not an exhaustive list of model numbers.
Dan Kehn

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Dieter01 (original poster)

#4: Post by Dieter01 (original poster) »

Thank you both. I also thought that the C was for a doserless version. Thats why I got so confused when I came across the MC7 here:

I think I will need to send them an email...

By the way Teme, I see you are from Denmark... Any Danish (or European for that matter) websites you would recommend for buying equipment? I made a list in another thread of the places I have come across: (Yet another) Request for Grinder Recommendations

I wasn't really in a hurry with my purchase until my roaster died on me yesterday (with a large kaboom and some scary grinding-like noise... Buuuuu!) The plan was to replace it with the xxx-B model Hottop when it was available in Europe, but now it looks like I will have to buy something else (and throw in a new grinder while I am at it...)


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#5: Post by Teme »

I added a couple of European online shops to you list on the other thread...