Lucca Atom 65

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#1: Post by alifriesc »

Saw this new grinder over at Clive Coffee. It's an Atom 65 that you connect to an app and it dials itself depending on the coffee you're using. The roaster is who decides how the grind goes. Looks very interesting. What do you think about this grinder?


#2: Post by 3cordcreations »

I was wondering the same thing. I live Clive Coffee but this seems a bit gimmicky to me. How can the roaster tell the home barista what grind is going to work for them? Do they all have a Lucca Atom and what machine are they dialing in with? Espresso grind is pretty particular from my experience and I don't see how this can work. I guess we shall see...
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#3: Post by misterjaayy »

I don't know...I guess I don't like things that automate the espresso process. I like the trial and error on my part to get the perfect shot. Products like this just take the fun out of it.