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Every grinder is going to be a little different due to the standard of manufacture, but even so the tolerances will vary. I know that a lot of people struggle with K30's and its one of the best manufacturers around. Most manufacturers don't have a protocol to align burrs at all. The honing system does require that the burrs be close enough, though.

THe Mazzer I have a the office was pretty close after a single pass. I could have probably done another, but just went through the series. Not perfect, but very much improved. I would like to see how things turn out, let me know how it goes and am happy to assist in any way I can.
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Cool concept, but does the process have to be repeated if you decide to clean or take out your burrs? the reason being is that the screws that hold down the burrs often have a bit of play and cause the burrs to 'wiggle' or not align as per the original.


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Since the tool wouldn't fit due to the size of the stock K30 burr screw heads I had the burrs out many times during the honing process to install new discs. Started out with a usable grind range between 0-2 with the burrs being way out of alignment. After honing I had more then doubled the grind range & the burrs aced the marker test. As long as you mark the burrs & burr holders so you don't reinstall the burrs 180° off you shouldn't have a problem if you needed to remove the burrs.

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THe idea behind the tool was both to center the disk on the burr AND index the burr to the machined screw holes. What I am finding is that some of the screws have different sized heads and can be finicky. Working on tweaking the shape of the alignment tabs.

If you merely want to clean the burrs, the tool can be used to align them again pretty easily, would take just a moment to do it. You have to make sure you refit the burr to the same orientation with the carrier as before, a simple mark would do it.
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