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#11: Post by jetset »

2 questions:
1. what happens to the burrs with the magic marker method? (do they get damaged when touching and how many times can that be done?)
2. with your sanding/polishing honing method only the outer flat parts get levelled.
what about the other areas? they will still be un-levelled.

interesting approach
if the burrs get sharpened it might be worth trying.

mteahan (original poster)

#12: Post by mteahan (original poster) »

After honing, the magic marker test would reveal a perfect alignment between the burrs. The nature of the process makes the marker alignment test unnecessary. If you check the video link, you can see how the surfaces are evenly polished.

As far as the other burrs are concerned, their sole job is to crush the beans into manageable bits for the final cutting teeth the process. It is the even distance between the two mills that regulates particle size and distribution, so the alignment of those is relatively unimportant.

The goal of this process is to remove any variation in the burr, which isn't much, but also any variation in the support systems for the burr in the grinder.

The side benefit was that even with perfectly precise burrs, honing them by rotating them instead of grinding them linearly across a belt produced a fine and consistent cutting surface. With a belt, each tooth is sharpened at a different direction. Rotating them while sharpening addresses that.
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#13: Post by braxtonjens »

Hi there,
I have a mazzer major that i am willing to test out this method, both with the standard 151A and the filter burrs from the ZM, 151G ( low fines ).
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#14: Post by JohnB. »

I've got a K30 that I'd like to try this on.


#15: Post by MASONMAN »

I have a Ditting KR1203 with SSP Red Speed 120mm burrs which I would be willing to test.

mteahan (original poster)

#16: Post by mteahan (original poster) »

Perfect. I've been looking for someone with a k30

DM me for details
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mteahan (original poster)

#17: Post by mteahan (original poster) »

I don't have a template yet for the larger mills. There are also a couple of types of Ditting 120's. The profile on the edge with the fine grooves are really shallow and I have to get a good look at them to make sure honing won't mess with the profile.
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mteahan (original poster)

#18: Post by mteahan (original poster) »

DM me for details.
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#19: Post by jetset »

mteahan wrote:... makes the marker alignment test unnecessary
I know. I was rather asking in general, does the "regular marker test" damage burrs?
I thought letting the burrs touch will make them blunt. (but maybe its grinding them a bit which would be similar to your new approach)


#20: Post by Kmgeorge88 »

I have a DF64 which has the same burr set as the Mazzer 64. Would definitely be interested in testing and giving feedback. Looks like an interesting concept!