Looking for some DF64 measurements from a DF64 owner.

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Hello all, I recently purchased a Sitting KR804, and am in the process of designing a single dosing hopper to replace the bulk hopper. I want to use the bellows from the DF64, but need some measurements of the integrated bean funnel. I'm looking for the Inside Diameter and out side diameter of the bean funnel that is integrated into the upper burr carrier, as well as the depth of the funnel before it tapers down.

I have included a photo to show what I mean by the funnel depth before taper.

Thanks friends!


#2: Post by Giampiero »

I can tell you a measure in mm. It's 24mm.

atreuhttam (original poster)

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Much appreciated! Do you also happen to have the outside and inside diameter of the funnel?


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Inner d. 70.7mm outer d. 77mm