LIDO 3 Pictures from SCAJ show in Japan

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Bak Ta Lo

#1: Post by Bak Ta Lo »

My friend has been at the SCAJ show in Japan judging the siphon championship. She just sent me some pics she took checking out the trade show, it was great to see her meeting Doug and Barb from OE and checking out the upcoming OE LIDO 3. She liked that it was lighter, and easier for her to use. Looks cool! Another OE purchase for me soon I think.
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#2: Post by Shenrei »

Oh wow. What a sexy beast.
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#3: Post by brianl »

This seems like a quick update as they are still trying to get Lido 2 orders out the door. I'm interested to hear about the changes, though.

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#4: Post by SlowRain »

If I'm not mistaken, it's primarily designed for travel (Although I seem to remember something about it reducing static as well. I may be mistaken on that one. Wait for official confirmation.) It's nicknamed 'Blacktop', or something like that.
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#5: Post by brianl »

I mostly assume its more portable like you said and also the burrs looks like they may be less aggressive?

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#6: Post by [creative nickname] »

Based on what Doug has told me, this one is intended for travel use; in addition to the folding handle, it will be significantly lighter than the Lido 2.

I love the all black look!
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#7: Post by [creative nickname] »

The new jar will reduce static, but I believe that will be made available for the Lido 2 as well. I'm still using one of the prototype plastic jars with my L2, and it is a nice upgrade.
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#8: Post by OldNuc »

Knob on both has been redesigned. Looks like it is intended to address just about all the remaining complaints: Less aggressive burr for easier cranking, folding handle for travel, Plastic catch jar for weight, breakage and static. Should be a winner.

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#9: Post by Bob_McBob »

Hopefully OE will be posting some information soon. I really like my Lido 2, but it's primarily a travel grinder, and for that I'd really prefer this new design. I'll almost certainly be swapping grinders as soon as it's available.

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#10: Post by FotonDrv »

I wonder if the new burrs will be able to be retrofitted onto the Lido2 ???
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