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There is another grinder thread where Doug identified the 2 burr sets by name. You could probably search his posts and find it.

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the Lido 3 burr is designed by Chistian Ettinger (Millco), who now designs and supplies the burrs for the sub Vario Baratza grinders. It is basically designed to require less turning force to grind and is the same size as the Italmil burr in the 2


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Yes, I read that in the earlier posts. I was primarily suggesting that if people want to speculate on how the Lido 2 and Lido 3 may differ in performance, looking at the Baratza grind distribution charts for the old Virtuoso and current Preciso burrs would probably be the most useful resource. Since the burr sets are very similar, the Lidos probably function as infinitely adjustable, slower turning and less heat generating (possibly better burr housing comes into play as well) versions of the two Baratza models. So looking at the grind distribution charts will likely give you the best indication of any differences the Lido models might have.

Distribution charts provided here from another forum post:

Baratza Grinders - Particle Distribution at Various Settings