LIDO 3 Pictures from SCAJ show in Japan - Page 2

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Look closely between grinders in top pix. Also notice the burr retention clip on the black grinder shaft. Other than the new clip I would suspect that the new burr and carrier would be a drop in. Do not forget that decreasing the degree of aggressiveness will also result in an increase in the number of turns of the crank in the vast majority of cases.

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Good point on the increase of cranks!
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Randy G.

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The burrs on the "3" look more suited to a coarser grind for drip and press while the "2" burrs look like they are better suited to espresso and Turkish. Just an impression.
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Looks like the Knock hausgrind burrs - very good for espresso actually, and quite fast and easy to turn. Although the hausgrind handle is may be a bit longer too.

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The Hausgrind burrs are the same burrs used in the Lido1. Lido2 burrs are different to those, bigger pre-breaker, less of a nibbler. The 2 & 3 burrs *look* like old Virtuoso & Preciso burrs repectively?

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Lord Tooth Stain

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Great shots! Thank you.
I'd agree it looks far more like a Lido-2-light than anything else.

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Thanks for the pics and first peek. Didn't Doug & Barb say they were going to be at Coffee Fest in Portland ~mid-Oct.? I have a feeling they'll bring the LIDO 3, if so...

I'll be eager to try this out, of course. I still use my LIDO 1 sometimes, and I always appreciate its light weight. The new jar does cut down on bulk, for sure. Re: cranking, I wouldn't mind a few extra turns relative to what the LIDO 2 requires.
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Greetings from Tokyo :D ....yes, a bit of a leak so let's call it a sneak peek!

The 3 and 2 are intended to be 2 separate stand alone models (the 3 is not an upgrade, just different in about every way but the central functional design).

The 3 is meant to be perceived as a travel grinder while the 2 is a home unit but each can function in any mode.

The 3 burr is a custom design from Christian Ettinger for easy turning ( yes, related to the Baratza burrs) which is the same size as the Lido 2 and swappable. You can see where we are going with the clip/new axle and on the question of easy turn vs fast throughput we will just have to let the market decide since we can go either/both ways. We have used each side by side for 4 months and each burr has its merits without much difference in consistency. Same goes with weight/heft and glass vs plastic. Plug and play of the two different burrs into one unit will be a pretty fun system once we get this all in place, but the easy vs fast burr may just naturally resolve itself.

Lido 3 weight as built about 950 grams.

We have a bit more tweaking on the 3 before it is in the final version (deciding on the tint levels of the plastic parts and some final machine specs)and are finishing a custom travel case. We plan to be building them over the winter with official release/debut at SCAA in the spring.

And by the way, we are finally caught up on the Lido 2 with in stock shipping to happen when we get back to Idaho in October :) .

See you in Portland!


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Very cool.... Thanks for sharing!
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Cool indeed. I grind 66g of coffee every weekday morning with the 2, very much appreciate the speed then & at anything from around a turn out, it's a breeze :)