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knumph wrote:Yeah, I'd say I definitely gravitated towards those more "comfort blend" espressos (red bird, etc) because I could typically get very solid results with my super jolly. Now I feel like there's an entirely unexplored world of coffee out there that's just opened up to me. Can't wait
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Word_salad wrote:As someone who is currently trying to tame a super jolly this is a dangerous post for me to read
The levercraft almost certainly offers something above and beyond the SJ in the cup, but I have yet to find a coffee that can't be made well on a well loved Superjolly. I hit 24.8% EY on TW Echemo yesterday with a SJ and it was fantastic.

I am hoping to have a levercraft in the near future so I can personally showdown on why big burrs and speed are important in the cup.

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What is this hyperalignment process you speak of?

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Are you able to quote the text you are referring to?
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mwebber wrote:Haha, I wish! This hobby would be a lot more sustainable if you didn't get what you pay for. For what it's worth, the Forté has earned a permanent place in my kitchen for its remarkable ease of use, weight-based grinding, and world-class filter grind quality (after hyperalignment). For that matter, so has the Ultra... Both represent excellent value-for-money in their respective price ranges, and I won't stop recommending the Forté to anyone whose budget does not allow for an Ultra in their kitchen.
Here's the quote of that post. He's referring to the Forte being hyperaligned, which is discussed in this thread


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DucaiMann wrote: We will be doing a direct comparison video between the two burr sets. That way we can clear up a lot of this speculation about which is superior for what etc (especially since everyone assumes they perform the same in different grinder platforms, which I dont think is entirely true, especially given alignment differences). I'll make sure we do it across a range of roasting levels as well!
Hi Eric, when can we expect the video to be online?

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Thought I'd share a quick story from my visit with Eric yesterday. Eric had put the new spacer in my Ultra. I was headed that way to pick it up when he invited me to some A/B comparison fun. He brewed several cups using two Ultra grinders, his with High U and mine with Low U burrs. He used an Origami dripper and Curtis Gold Cup automated pour over. The cups from both were very good but very different. The High U seemed to go straight for the sweet and fruity flavors (high notes) while the Low U seemed to cover the whole spectrum very evenly. Almost like if you brewed a very light and fruity Ethiopian bean in a v60 vs a flat bottom brewer . Neither was "better", both had tons of fruit and sweetness. I personally preferred the Low U, which is good because I'm not ready to buy another burr set! It was interesting to me so I thought I would share with you fine folks.
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Just came across this video yesterday on the Ultra Levercraft. It seems mostly made to get a few laughs, but based on what I see, the Ultra doesn't look all that desirable. Would any actual users like to comment? Thanks.


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It seems to me to be a great concept and good value. So I don't see what is all so undesirable. The only thing that stands out to me is thin metal and a few sharp edges here and there. I'm good at banging my hands into things accidentally, I'd prefer rounded edges and slightly thicker material in certain places.