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TsurTriger wrote:guys, any new thoughts about this grinder before I place an order?
I haven't started truly tinkering with it for pour over, but I can say that I'm getting fantastic shots from any coffee I put through it with minimal effort. Again, I was coming from a super jolly, but no longer am I burning through multiple doses to try and dial in a challenging single origin. I have some coffees that impress me more than others of course, but I just get consistently delicious shots from whatever beans I have on hand.
The adjustment ring is very beefy and very stable, and I think one entire revolution of the ring results in 1mm of vertical travel between burrs. This means you get an extremely high degree of precision if you want to make fine adjustments. Much more so than my super jolly where while it's technically "stepless", I felt like it was easy to overshoot where I was trying to dial my grind in.
If you have any questions I can try and help, otherwise you can also contact Eric directly, especially if you're unsure of which burr set you want to go with.